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Monday, July 20, 2020

Matruvatsaly Yojna Detail And full information

Maa Vatsalya Yojana and Mukhyamantri Amritam Yojana were started to help poor families in their treatment expenses. Poor families ignore many diseases due to lack of money or due to lack of resources, or wait till the last moment. Due to which his illness increases and due to being admitted to the hospital, more expenses become a problem for him. 

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Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat government has provided a cashless treatment of up to 3 lakh to the families of middle class people, ie, whose annual family income is less than 3 lakh or less. 5 family members can avail this scheme. If the sixth member is a newborn, then they will also get the benefit of this scheme. Under this scheme, registration, laboratory, operation, medicine and patient mines are provided free of cost to the beneficiary. Not only this, 300 rupees are also paid for the expenses of visiting the beneficiary for treatment in the hospital.

Matru vatsaly card scheme for all India citizens:

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: Chief Minister Smt. Anandibahan Patel has saved the life of the Chief Minister Relief Fund by providing Rs. 8 crores for the treatment of kidney, cancer, heart and liver diseases. Ever since Mrs. Anandibhene took over as the first woman Chief Minister of the state in May.

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Families and conservative families living below the personal income will get sensible quality treatment from their chosen personal and government-affiliated hospitals for gratis.

Eligibility Standards:
The beneficiary family is needed to be enclosed within the BPL list of rural housing construction and rural development department also as urban housing designation and concrete development department.Benefits/assistance of the theme


Laboratory, operation, medicines, food for patients and other services are provided free of cost after registration of beneficiaries under this scheme. And the patient visit fee (Rs 300) was also paid by the hospital.

Under this scheme, the fixed expenses to the beneficiaries are paid to a government recognized hospital. Beneficiaries with "mother" and "vaastya" cards can avail treatment by visiting a recognized hospital.

Chief Minister Amritam "Maa" and Maa Vatsal Yojana, the scheme is based on health insurance, no other insurance company is involved. For critical illness, the family is given free treatment up to Rs. 2,00,000 / - (Rupees Two Lakhs) annually.

Under this scheme, the best type of treatment is provided for a total of 628 diseases such as cardiac, heart disease, kidney disease, brain diseases, serious injuries, accidents, severe infants and cancer infections.

How to take advantage of "Maa" schemeFor this, your name has to be in the BPL list, you can register the names of five family members and get the mother card, which you will need to visit the nearby taluka kiosk.

How to take advantage of "Maa Vasalya" schemeIf your annual income is Rs. 2,50,000 or less, then you will get income certificate from the below mentioned authorities. After getting the income certificate, you can register the names of five family members and get the Maa Vatsalya card, which you will have to visit at the nearby taluka kiosk.

District Collector, District Development Officer, Deputy Collector or Regional Officer, Deputy District Development Officer Taluka Mamaladar / City Mamaladar Taluka Development Officer, Deputy MamaladarSri.

Dahod Hospitle list:

  1. General Hospital, Dohad
  2. Ridham Heart Institute, Dohad

Ahmedabad Hospitle list:

  1. Super super hospital hospital,
  2. Narayan Handel Pili
  3. HCG Cancer Center Sola
  4. Body Line Hospital
  5. Rajasthan Hospital
  6. Pushpa Children Hospital
  7. HCG Multi SP Hospital
  8. Medilink Hospital
  9. GCS Medical College
  10. Sanjeevwani Super SP Hospital
  11. Jaideep Hospital
  12. Parekh Hospital
  13. Krishna Shelby Hospital
  14. Gujarat Cancer and Research Center
  15. Kidney Dye and Research Center
  16. Civil hospital
  17. UN Mehta Cardiology
  18. Sheth VS General Hospital
  19. LG Municipal Hospital
  20. Muni.Corpo. Hospital
  21. General Hospital Sola
  22. Spin Institute and Hospital

Surat Hospitle list:

  1. Mr. B.D. Mehta Mahaveer Heart Institute
  2. Prabhu General Hospital Surat
  3. PP Sawani Heart Inn and Multi Hospital Surat
  4. Sita Super Special Hospital Surat
  5. Life Line Hospital Surat
  6. Leon Hospital Surat
  7. True Children's Hospital Surat
  8. Unicure Hospital Surat
  9. Wockhardt Hospital Surat
  10. Surat Muni Nigam Medi College & Hospital Surat
  11. Civil Hospital Surat

Rajkot Hospitle list:

  1. Stilling and Life India Rajkot
  2. BT Savannah Kidney Hospital Rajkot
  3. Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot
  4. Krishna Multi Spa Hospital Rajkot
  5. NP Cancer Hospital Rajkot
  6. Unicorn Hospital Rajkot
  7. HJ Doshi Hospital Rajkot
  8. Civil Hospital Rajkot

Vadodara Hospitle list:

  1. Shreeji Hospital and Trauma Center Vadodara
  2. Sterling and Life India Vadodara
  3. Dhiraj Hospital and Sumandapi Vidyapith Vadodara
  4. Bankers Heart Institute Vadodara
  5. Baroda Heart Institute and Research Center Vadodara
  6. Muni Seva Ashram Vadodara
  7. Premdas Jalaram Hospital Vadodara
  8. Himalaya Cancer Hospital Vadodara
  9. Anti Super Spa Hospital Vadodara
  10. Purul Sevaramam Hospital Vadodara
  11. Lai Hospital Vadodara
  12. Nagar Super Spa Hospital Vadodara
  13. Metro Hospital Vadodara
  14. SCHVIJK Hospital Vadodara
  15. Banker Dil and Multi Spay Hospital Vadodara
  16. SS Civil Hospital Vadodara
  17. GMER Medical Valsad Vadodara

All Gujarat Other Hospitke List: 

  1. Ramalkrishna Hospital Gandhinagar
  2. Goenka Hospital Gandhinagar
  3. GMER Medical College Hospital Gandhinagar
  4. Krishna Hospital Anand
  5. MM Parikh Cardi Care Center Anand / Khambhat
  6. Hanuman Hospital Bhavnagar
  7. HCG Hospital Bhavnagar
  8. Bhavnagar Civil Hospital Bhavnagar
  9. Gujarat Adani Hospital Bhuj
  10. Guru Gobind Singh General Hospital Jamnagar
  11. Prem Swami Swamy Multi Hospital Kalol
  12. DDMM Card Institute Kheda
  13. AIMS Hospital Kutch
  14. B Cancer Hospital Navsari
  15. Orange Hospital Navsari
  16. Yesa Super Spa Hospital Navsari
  17. Yashkina Hospital Navsari
  18. Grooming Multi Spa Hospital Palanpur
  19. Patan Janta Hospital Patan
  20. GMER Medical College Hospital Patan
  21. Medical Hospital Pvt. Banaskantha
  22. India Cancer Hospital Surat

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