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Monday, August 17, 2020

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, all the data of any money of Gujarat High Court can be gotten ...

The entire procedure of getting the status of the case on email

It will furnish any individual or association with current as well as future data

Propelled by the High Court, the office will give a virtual request counter or e-counter. Gives current as well as future data to any individual or association. The Chief Justice has now requested that such assistance be presented in the area courts sooner rather than later.

Method of getting EmailMyCasestatus service started by Gujarat High Court 

1. Those who want to get information of any case pending in the High Court by email, they should send an SMS from their mobile number first to their email address and then to CNR of the cases.  The number must be entered. 

 2. Each case is given a CNR number along with its filing number as it is filed.  The CNR number of the case is a unique 12-letter UHC240193932020 number of the case, which is shown in the case status on the High Court website. 

 3. The first step to register an email is to send an SMS to the mobile number 9998880820 of the High Court's EmailMyCasestatus service as follows.  REG <space> <email address> e.g.  REG 

 4. An OTP password will be sent to the above email address which will send the OTP password to the mobile number 9998880820 of the High Court's EmailMyCasestatus service, from the mobile from which the above email registration SMS has been sent via the following SMS.  OTP <space> <OTP password e.g.  OTP 123456 

5. Successful registration for Gujarat High Court's EmailMyCasestatus service will be reported via email as well as SMS to email address and mobile number.  

6. This registration process of email address as well as mobile number has to be done only once.  After successful registration, the cases for which information is to be received in that email address should be registered by sending an SMS from the same mobile number.

  7. To register a case for registered email address in EmailMyCasestatus service, the following SMS should be sent from the registered mobile number.  ADD <H2> <CNR POLR> EL.  CL.  ADD GJHC240193932020 

8. Similarly, if you do not want to get the future information of the registered case, you will have to send the following SMS from the registered mobile number to delete the case from this service. 

 DEL <242> <CNR - POLR> EL.  C. DEL GJHC240193932020 

9. Successful registration of the case will be reported by email to the registered email address.  

10. Up to 7 cases can be registered for this service for one mobile number and email address registered with it.  Whenever any further action in the registered cases such as listing date, order or judgment is given or the case is decided, a PDF copy of the order or judgment will be sent by the next day of the High Court.


As the Corona cases heightened, the Gujarat High Court was announced a regulation zone and shut. Because of Corona's cases, the gatherings, legal advisors and general society couldn't get the administration of the request counter of the High Court. The High Court has propelled an assistance called 'EmailMyCaseStatus' in which individuals, legal counselors, parties, government offices and people in general can enlist a case by means of email. Is. Will send a PDF document of case states, case date, decisions and requests to the enrolled email.

As the Corona cases escalated, the Gujarat High Court was declared a containment zone and closed.  Due to Corona's cases, the parties, lawyers and the public could not get the service of the inquiry counter of the High Court.  SISSSTE 'EmailMyCaseStatus' 1144 Ral 913 $ 22 in which the Chief Justice of the High Court Vikram Nath has ordered to start a service where people can get information about the case by e-mail.  Can.  The registered e-mail will send a PDF file of case states, case date, judgments and orders.

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