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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

VALSAD Jilla Aanganvadi Karykar Bharti 2020 at

VALSAD Jilla Aanganvadi Karykar Bharti  2020 at

Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Gujarat General Instructions on Online Recruitment: 
Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Gujarat General Instructions on Online Recruitment:

(1) The lady applying for determination in the privileged assistance of Anganwadi Worker/Tedagar ought to have Indian citizenship.

 (2) The woman candidate applying for selection in the honorary service of Anganwadi worker / Tedagar should be a local resident for at least one year on the date of the prescribed specimen resident certificate to be issued by the concerned Mamlatdar.  In case of rural area the Anganwadi in which the revenue village is to be established should be at least one year local resident of the revenue village or in the case of urban area candidate the election ward of the concerned municipality / municipality.  The sample prescribed by the Department of Women and Child Development for this criterion, the certificate of the office of the concerned Mamlatdar for this work issued by the Jan Seva Kendra will be taken into consideration.  

(3) The age of the applicant applying for selection in the honorary service of Anganwadi Worker / Tedagar should be 18 years at the last date of application and not more than 5 years.  

(3) Minimum educational qualification for Anganwadi worker should be Std. 12, Pass or Std. 10, Pass and any minimum 3 years diploma course recognized by AICTE.  

(4) Minimum educational qualification for Anganwadi Tedagar should be passed Std.  

Step by step instructions to Apply For Aangadvadi Bharti In Gujarat :

First Open Aangadvadi bharti 2020 In gujarat

At that point Open Recruitment Option In it.

at that point Select your Job and region

Top off all Detail appropriately and present your application

Here We likewise put Pdf document for Aangadvadi Bharti 2020 All rules


(5) If the applicant falls in the reserved category, then the certificate of the competent officer of the matter has to be submitted.  

(6) If the applicant is a widow, the certificate of the competent officer of the matter has to be submitted.  

(7) The applicant shall upload and submit all the educational qualification certificates mentioned in the online application.  

(8) The last date to apply will be considered as the date of cut-off date.  So, by the last date of application, the applicant should have fulfilled the criteria for age, educational qualification and other qualifications.  

(9) Mamlatdar / Deputy Collector / Additional Collector / Collector on stamp paper of Rs.100

(11) If the applicant has a criminal history, and a police complaint has been lodged against the applicant, a person who has been sentenced by a reputed court cannot apply.  

(12) A person who has been declared bankrupt by a competent authority cannot apply to the applicant.  

(13) As part of the penal proceedings, the applicant cannot be applied for any person who has been discharged from any previous government / semi-government / honorary service and has been removed. 

 (14) A person who is in a situation where an Anganwadi worker / Tedagar becomes a member of the same family (mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.) cannot apply in the same Anganwadi center.  

(15) The applicant may not apply for any honorary service or elected position in any local self-governing body / Legislative / Lok Sabha or any co-operative body registered society, registered trust.  

(16) The present Tedagar of Anganwadi is selected in the Anganwadi worker selection process dated 9/11/2018 by the Government's Resolution No. No. ICD / 102018/1156 / B (Part-II) as shown in the rules No. 1.1 to 8.  3 will be given priority.  

(17) In case the grade / score is shown in the marksheet, the marks / marks from the grade / score issued by the university college or the certificate / marksheet of the calculated marks from the university / college itself must be uploaded. 

(18) The information filled in the application form and uploaded  If the details of the documents are different, the candidature of the applicant will be considered canceled.  Uploaded documents must be readable.  

(19) In cases where the applicant has passed the examination with more than one attempt, the applicant shall scan and upload the marksheet of each attempt.  Candidates who pass more than one attempt will have to count the marks of the subject / subjects passed in that marksheet.  The total marks will have to be calculated after deducting the marks of the failed subject / subjects.  Then count the marks of the re-passed subject / subjects.

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