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Saturday, September 26, 2020

"Agricultural Relief Package" for crop loss due to heavy rains in August in Kharif 2020 Official Paripatra.

"Agricultural Relief Package" for crop loss due to heavy rains in August in Kharif 2020


The monsoon started well and on time in the kharif 2020 season in the state this year.  According to which all the districts of the state had very good production conditions.  But there were reports of crop damage due to heavy rains and flooding in some talukas of the state during the month of August.  In view of the situation arising in the affected districts and talukas on the basis of the assessment report made by the district administration on crop damage at the district level, it is necessary to provide assistance to the farmers in accordance with SDRF (Revenue Department) from the state budget.  Was under consideration. 

Considering the situation arising out of heavy rains in the state in the year 2020-21 due to heavy rains in the month of August, it has been decided to provide agricultural relief package from the state budget in addition to SDRF to 18 talukas of 20 districts of the state as mentioned 

1.  Account holders of 18 talukas of 20 districts of the state included in the resolution form whose account loss of 2% and above will have to pay assistance of Rs. 10,000 / - per hectare up to a maximum of 5 hectares.  Out of which, as per SDRF norms, irrigated crop without the provision of SDRF at the rate of Rs.500 / - per hectare within the maximum limit of two hectares. Resolution No. of Revenue Department: CLS.  As per / 102018/3 / S.2, dated 4/06/2017, SDRF has to be paid from the grant and the difference amount of Rs.500 / - per hectare has to be paid from the state budget within a maximum limit of 5 hectares.  In case the amount payable as per SDRF norms is less than Rs.5000 / - on the basis of land holdings, in which case at least Rs.5000

Rs.2000 / - will have to be paid.  The difference will have to be paid from the state budget.  E.g.  If the damaged area of ​​an account holder is 0.5 hectare then as per SDRF norms Rs.500 per hectare Rs.500 / - Revenue Department Resolution No .: CLS  As per / 102018/3 / S.2, dated 3/06/2018, it is recoverable from SDRF grant, but in such case account holder has to pay at least Rs.  .  In order to avail the benefit of this agricultural relief package, the farmers have to apply in the prescribed application form in the form of Village Sample No. 3 / A, Talati Plantation Sample / Village Sample No. 5-12, Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number, Bank Account Number,  Address to the Taluka Development Officer with instrumental details such as "No-objection letter of consent" signed by other account holders or confession of the beneficiary in the absence of joint account holders etc.  Will have to apply.  Farmers will not have to pay anything to apply.  .  Account holders who have already received or received any assistance from SDRF for crop loss during Kharif-2020 in the current year will not be eligible for any assistance under this package.  Also, the beneficiaries / accounts who have availed the benefit of this package, i.e. above 

3 / A, will not be eligible for the benefit of crop loss assistance during Kharif-2020.  .  In this package, where SDRF standards have been applied, only Rs.500 / - per hectare has to be paid.  All crops will have to be counted as non-irrigated.  .  Assistance under this package is to be treated as one beneficiary per account under cultivation (per village sample 

no. 3 / a) and if more than one farmer is included in this account, only one of these farmers will get assistance and he will get the consent form of other farmers  The prescribed proof / support will have to be submitted.  .  From the grant allotment through the District Development Officer for the payment of this assistance package, the Taluka Development Officer will have to make payment orders based on the recommendation made by the Gram Sevak.  After that the application received by the Taluka Development Officer has to be paid directly to the bank account of the farmer account holder.  .  The benefit of this relief package will not be available to government, cooperative or institutional landholders.  .  Under this package, even if the account holder farmer has more than one account, the assistance will be available only once.   Assistance under this package will be available only once per Aadhaar number.  If the Aadhaar number is not obtained, the assistance will be available if the required evidence is submitted as per the provision prescribed in the Aadhaar Act.

10.  Under this relief package, a large number of beneficiaries have to pay assistance in a short period of time.  For this Rs.10 / - per application for data entry, portal creation, form printing, outsourcing manpower etc. will have to be spent from the state budget. 


 Out of which successful online data entry, editing, updating along with required documents on the portal through VCE / VLS / TLE / Gram Sevak or authorized person at District Development Officer at e-Gram, taking the applicant's signature in printcopy of all instrumental papers along with application, making list with bunch of applications.  1.00 / - per “successful application” for the applications which have been made available to the concerned Gram Sevaks and Rs. 1.50 / - per successful application to the districts which have actually incurred contingency expenditure at district and taluka level.  - As well as portal development, outsourcing manpower, contingency expenses and administrative work at the office of the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar level Rs. 0.50 / - per successful application will have to spend a total of Rs. 10 / - per successful application.  11.  Expenditure of this relief package will have to be borrowed under the following budget headings. State Budget Expenditure Budget Head: Demand No .: 07 Main Head: 201 - Crop Agriculture Management Secondary Head: 110 - Crop Insurance Sub Head: 02 - Assistance to farmers for crop damage due to natural calamities  The resolution is issued on the same file of this department as per the approval received from the note of the revenue department dated 7/06/2040 and the note dated 3/08/2050 of the finance department.  By the order of the queen of the kingdom and their no

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