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Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Dh-12 Sa.p. Ban on the supplementary examination, ban on Xerox centers November, Anand's official person and the relevant person and the relevant Gujarat Secondary and Higher Examination Center which is located in the school's official Primary Education Board of Schools September 200 district magistrate P. of the form of compounds of the commodion centers will be exceeded. C in the meter's radius. Thakor District DN Highschool, Xerox Machines Examinations, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hazul, during the morning 9.00 in the morning, during the 9.00, during the Sharda Highschool, Anand Highschool, 7.00 hours Mobile phones or highschool, TV in exam centers Patel Highschool, interrogated by electronic means, Communications or Casturba Girls Vidyalaya can be recorded in any centers of any of the centers of the compounds of the compounds of the Centers. The testing candidates in the 28 meter of radius 0

Pin distribution for admission in MOM was initiated »Currently the classes of the University are executed. These students are able to register a Gujarati and one English medium classes in categories of pins. In M.Com, approximately Navagujarat time> Ahmedabad is available in 8500 seats. Generally TY is the result of Gujarat University, then the process of entry into M.Com is initiated to enter the commerce college. The process is about to complete but due to the corona epilizer, now TY's examination for admission in MC. The examination has recently began the proceedings of Puri Pinning. Have been turned in the next 15 days. The important thing is likely to disclose that Gujarat is still in the university. The members of the admission committee say TY is not resulted in the result of the university students TY. Students will only be able to announce the result of Pin purchase, but the other university will be able to register. However, these students will currently be processed including Pin Pinting students, including pins currently purchasing pins. Other than the University, 330 4106 students have also registered 330 students to buy pins of students or other university students and also registration. You can not be able to have 32 students in this university currently in this university PG of their documents. May also make Verification of

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