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Friday, September 25, 2020



In today's meeting with the government regarding fee waiver, the guardianship will be firm. Is. This is being done as soon as possible for this purpose. In this situation, the state government is committed to sit down with these two parties as soon as possible and make the right decision in the way suggested by the Gujarat High Court. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that when there are no school administrators and parents in the state, now tomorrow the Education Minister | The state government has announced a concerted effort in the coming days to safeguard Bay's interest and ensure that a meeting with the All Gujarat Board of Trustees is held in the proper perspective of the Gujarat High Court judgment. This will do at the meeting. On Thursday, MLA Imran Khedawala's "short-term question on the issue of fee waiver by parents in private schools" has decided to remain a question mark in the House as per the rules. It could not be taken up for discussion as per the instructions of the expiring chairman. There is no question of the state government hiding anything in response to this question due to the lockdown in the state or not bringing up the issue of closure of schools in the House since March. School administrators were told there were no other costs involved. This demand of the High Court is being made. In the wake of the decision to close schools due to lack of guardianship, the board now believes that the schools will be closed tomorrow and when the schools are reopened, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has waived the fees of the administrators apart from the salaries of the employees. . In this situation it is decided to hold a meeting to demand that the full should be given. Fees should be waived. Being done by the congregation of tomorrow. Members of the Board of Trustees on the issue say that even in the meeting with the Minister of Education, there is a writ petition in the High Court by the Board of Trustees on the issue of guardianship. This resolution will be re-enforced by the government on the fee waiver. The government will be asked to be re-enforced by the independent to decide on this issue.



Gujarat University will conduct online exams for 6100 students from September 30. Before giving exams, 20 students from abroad will also give exams. Private agencies have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking 27 more online exams.  Uni.  2100 students are to be present in the online exam to be taken by the agency from next 30th.  All operations will be carried out in the state in addition to the entire state.  Compulsory 30 students from outside and also from abroad will give exams.  Afghanistan, students for online exam Students living in countries like Bangladesh who are studying in different courses including BCA, BCom, what kind of system BBA Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad should have in the university are currently in their hometown due to lockdown.  .  Gujarat Uni. Has been announced in two phases.  Students will be present in the examination by most.  Completed offline exam.  To appear in the first demo exam, before the offline exam, the next 10 instructions were given to send the students to the online exam by e-mail.  It has been decided to take the exam online.  ઓનલાઇન The course will continue till the online day.  On what day did the students take the camera at the time of giving.  But now the offline exam will be taken.  From September 30, after the completion of the subject on which the face will appear on the clear screen in front of the students in which the examination will be taken, its detailed program of giving the examination will have to sit in the way of each student.  They have decided to take any online exam on face. They will send the demo test by e-mail tomorrow.  This type of mask or dupatta has been applied.  Uni.A must be given online.  Apart from this, there will be a total of one hour online exam on 7th.  When the exam is announced on the students by the system, there will be a two day mock test on the 12th and 9th, in which the students will be continuously monitored for 90 marks and a thousand students will have to agree.  All the activities related to the MCQ based examination for each student but at present only 2100 mock tests are mandatory.  Which will be students.  Will usually be recorded online.  Students are not allowed to take mock test in the online exam. They are likely to appear on any page other than the exam in the online exam.  If the permission to sit for the exam is taken by the commuter center, then the detailed program of the log exam will not come from the examination system.  Starting from 30th.  But this time Uni.  Will be turned off by

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