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Saturday, September 26, 2020



The demand for re-recruitment of the entire recruitment process in a way that does not cause injustice to the male candidates) is contrary to the High Court notice to the state government when Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad Police Constable, Arm Police is nearing completion.  Relation in mark for female candidates for contable and jail sepoy.  New E.L.R.D.  In the recruitment chapter, the male candidates filled the vacancies for eligibility by giving advocacy pleasure. The entire recruitment and 15 thousand candidates applied to the High Court through Yajnik.  The male candidates who have been challenged before the High Court even after filling up the letter cannot go to the Supreme Court.  Has arrived.  The writ petition in this case is against the judgments seeking justice.  .  According to Article 13 of the Constitution, the entire recruitment is male and the following Supreme Court judgments have raised issues in the recruitment process so that grandchildren, castes and candidates are not treated unfairly.  On the contrary, the demand to re-run the government recruitment process without discrimination between men and women.  Recruitment process of LRD government has to be done.  Even L.R.  Has been.  In this case, the recruitment of the High Court in the Gujarat High Court in the recruitment process of the illegal D. Sarvan and Justice A.C.  Rao to the state government on 3/4/2050 and is unconstitutional.  Further hearing of the case by sending notices of the movement of the sisters of the backward society.  Due to the recruitment process, it has fixed October 6 to save its vote bank.  In the reserved Gujarat states, the government has given about 200 for the sisters at the end and the social equations. Stay on the current recruitment process of the vote bank.  These posts are contrary to what is fixed at the hearing to make the backward community feel better and therefore the entire recruitment is likely to ignore Article 13 of the Constitution on merit for sisters without merit.  Must be revoked.  Bringing down the standards that have been used in the recruitment process.  Recruitment in this whole matter Lokarakshak Unarm 3.  Once the recruitment process has started, it is unconstitutional to process those established principles of service law.

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Question papers of 200 students from 12 centers of Rajkot reached Rajkot. Paper seal in Karan Singhji High will be checked with 20 students in one class, masks, sanitizers, thermal guns. The supplementary examination of the students who failed in the stream will be taken by the city police commissioner Manoj Agarwal of Std. 12 general stream. In this examination which will run till 5th October, a notification has been issued regarding 12 examination examinations of Rajkot. Accordingly, from 6/7 to 9/10, from 150 blocks to 200 at the center, from 10:30 am to 12:45 am and from 12 noon to 12:15 pm, 12 examination students will give exams. Xerox machine in 100 meter area of ​​the center, DEO on unauthorized person. BS Kaila said the ban. Also, the supervisor cannot take the mobile in the examination room with the students giving the examination. That is, the question papers for the supplementary examination of general stream will be checked with their thermal gun of Kovid on Friday to ensure that the transition from Gandhinagar to Koro does not increase. In which night has come. Karan Singhji's guideline will be strictly implemented. In a high school for students with a fever, cold, cough where 40 students in general stream class will be arranged separately for social examination. The control room for the examination will give the examination with the erected distance. The question papers are sealed at each examination center which is sanitized. Masks will be free and arranged for students.

The exercise on when to start the new term in universities and colleges has started. Instead of waiting till November 1, the government has not started the process till October 15 if the government needs admission soon.  In this situation, the guidelines were announced and the academic session could be started.  Currently it is Gujarat, but the rest of the universities, including the university, should start the term as early as possible.  Some of the chancellors are also preparing to start the academic session from November 1.  Did most of the state.  In the coming days the government was urged to pay Rs.  Apart from this, the big Gujarat technological new session has to start from when.  Each state is likely to announce universities and engineering affiliated with the university.  Colleges were instructed to complete the admission process by October 30.  The reality is that at present the process of admission in colleges is going on in different states including Gujarat.  In this case, the top officials of the higher education department and the chancellors of each university met two days ago to discuss whether to follow the guidelines given by the UGC or to start the academic session earlier.  As per the instructions given by the three Chancellors, the opinions of the Chancellors of each University were sought on the issue of whether we should start the academic session from November 1 or sooner.  Most chancellors

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