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Sunday, September 27, 2020

GSSSB Important Notice Regarding Computer Proficiency Test

GSSSB Important Notice Regarding Computer Proficiency Test  

Gujarat Secondary kindness  choice Board, Gandhinagar 

Significant declaration   

For direct enrollment of specialized/non-specialized frameworks by Gujarat Secondary kindness choice  Board, Gandhinagar (1) Dt. Commercial No .: 16/201617 to 190/201617 on 08/08/2017, (2) Dt. Ad No. on 9/08/2018: 119/201617 to 15/201617, (2) Dt. . On-line employ shape were obtain by distributing JK, 12/20120 on 30/09/2018. Out of and that the accompanying promotions Competitive composed assessment of the main time  of the units toward the finish of the second      
Rundown of required  who have equipped for the stage PC capability test and method and significant command . Posted on the Mandal's site on 12/09/2050 Was in such manner, the itemized program for Computer Proficiency Examination of every one of the   accompanying frameworks has been chosen by the Board as demonstrated as follows.     
The collect will be have the choice to make changes to the program for certain reasons.  

The "Staff choice Commission" was constituted to carry out the functions assigned to it by the General Administration Department of the authority   of Gujarat, Resolution No. KBY-114-1918-C.4 dated 21-7-8.  resolve No. KBY-114-1917-C.4 of the SW Department dated 11-17 to keep the name of this  commission, its performer  ,  scope of work etc. in a more specific manner and to keep it as     "Gujarat Karmachari Sandagi Mandal".  thus , the name of Gujarat Public kindness Commission is non-existent in the nation , there can be no two commissions for the same purpose, so the name of the Mandal is "Gujarat" from resolve  No. KBY-106-RR1-C.4 of the SWA Department dated 01-08-190.  The secondary kindness is called "Sandagi Mandal".  This office has the status of the office of the head of the department.                

 Duties of Gujarat Secondary Service ગી Sandagi Mandal
 Vacancies to be filled by direct employ  of non-secretariat cadre of class-II, filling of vacancies of non-technical and technical cadres of class-II of heads of departments / departments below the nation authority  , self.  To supply empathy workers   to the dependents of the workers  , to conduct departmental examinations of all the cadres of class-3 of all the departments / heads of departments under the State Government, etc. 

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