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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Regarding the leave of COVID-19 of the employee performing duty in the primary school

 Education Establishment / Vashi / Per, - Taluka Primary Education Officer, ... All - Principal, Salary Center  Dahod District Primary Education Officer's Office Education Branch, District Panchayat Dahod Email id 4.7 / 90RORO Twan-20.  World: - Regarding the leave of COVID-19 of the employee performing duty in the primary school .. Reference: - Deputy Secretary, General Administrative Department, Gandhinagar, letter no. Perch / 102050 303 dt.  15/08/2018, based on the above topic and context, it is to be noted that at present, the WHO has declared the novel Corona (COVID-19) virus as pandemic all over the world.  Various measures have been taken to control the spread of Novel Corona (coviD-10) virus as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Government of India and the State Government.  Infection of Novel Corona (COMP-19) virus is on the rise in Dahod district at present, so as a precautionary measure, appropriate steps are being taken to prevent the transmission of Corona virus.  In all the primary schools under this office, different functions are assigned to the employees.  If the employee on duty in the primary school or any member of his / her family has received a positive report from Corona, then the following details have to be approved for home quarantine.  કોઈપણ The first rapid / RTPCR test should be done if any school employee is found to be infected with the corona virus.  If the report is positive, the head employee will have to be admitted to the hospital or home quarantine as per the doctor's advice.  This has to be reported to the Taluka Primary Education Officer through the school.  And after the completion of the prescribed treatment, Corey will have to be tested and will have to attend school if the test is negative.  And will have to submit a report on that. 

 Regarding the incoming application of the employee, the headmaster / principal should check the application and recommend to stay home varantine and inform in writing to the taluka office as well as the office here.  Self declaration will have to be made at the time of sanction of leave.  • An certified copy of Coro's Positive Report and a Medical Certificate application must be attached to the employee or a member of his / her family.

 In view of the above administrative matters, the application for such leave is related to the headmaster of those schools.  The headmaster of the principal's school is asked to co-check the grounds and submit it here with the leave account.  On the basis of the medical certificate, the employee has to show ON DUTY in the online presence and their attendance has to be recorded in the hospital in 8 days by writing ETMIT or Home Quarantine Self or Home Quarantine Family.  Also, if you have any questions about this, you will have to contact the Beat Education Inspector.  Note: - If any employee has gone on leave for the above reasons, he / she will have to submit the required grounds and get the leave approved.  District Primary Shiyan Officer District Education Committee, Dahod Nakul Departed: Beat Education Inspector, informed to all District Dahod and implementation is good.  .  B.R.C.  / CRC Co-ordinator, informed and implemented to all District Dahod,

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