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Tuesday, November 24, 2020



The authorities will remove the confusion of 31,000 students and the examinations will be held in the university starting from 1st December after the postponement. T Rajkot has announced to postpone all the exams starting from December in Rajkot due to Korona Kaher. The new date of the first examination at Saurashtra University is likely to be postponed to Monday in the first week of the month starting from December. Have done. Students will be informed 10 days before the date in the university from 1st December. So that the B.A. , B.Com, B.Sc. Students had the facility to stay in Rajkot to prepare for the exam, including Sem. 4, and to give 51000 students to outstation students. However the city has time to do the growing corona. With the decision taken by the Chancellor in time keeping in view the case of the authorities, the confusion of the students regarding the examination Dr. Nitin Pethani and the Vice Chancellor has been removed by Dr. Vijay Deshani for the first time. From 1st Dec. B.A. 3 examinations including B.Com.SP were to be started

If there is a school in the afternoon till the second order is issued, the Board has ordered to keep it in the morning only. The instruction has been made on the television channels to keep the school hours from 7-30 to 12 in the morning, including government-granted. Urge to take advantage of this.  Mythful - Broadcasting of educational programs in colleges has been announced to start the week.  The state currently had Corona.  But at present, Vande Gujarat's channel is available on the launch of the school-college, which gives the status of Phulemo student, the home of the D&H service D-Dish epidemic of Karona Mahamatra's Doordarshan.  Do not come for study.  This has been postponed.  However, the school continues to charge a school for this in the case of a VastInteleran, but the cost does not come as the students do not come.  It has been instructed that in this condition of the school, the educational programs from 9 to 12 must be maintained in the morning school morning and the above 3D 3D channel channel time from 9-30 a.m. to 12 p.m.  There is no half left to come at noon.  Which is broadcast.  Apart from this, due to the second order, the school will have to continue the Routine programs of D.12 in the morning as well as in the morning till it is done on the YouTube channel of the Board of Education in every field.  In addition to this.  Schilbren's school-going E6 and Nit's Dhurakram uploads are currently being called if online selling is currently underway.  The entire Rishikesh will be separately for this at a distance when it is through the office.  In addition to this, at present students are doing homework as the virtual class syllabus of Dhadhi 12 has been prepared.  Instructions have been issued since June to showcase these programs for students to stay in Val.  This is given while studying from home.  Students get Vande Gujarat Mother facilities through Byseg. I have already given the channel to the channel by the state government from 1 to 12 to 9 to 12 by the board.

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