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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Xiaomi's fake product: Fake headphones, powerbank, charger worth Rs 33.3 lakh seized in the country

Xiaomi's fake product: Fake headphones, powerbank, charger worth Rs 33.3 lakh seized in the country  

This way check the product is fake that the original 21 hours ago mi. In Chennai and Bangalore, police seized counterfeit products worth Rs 33.3 lakh. After raiding three suppliers on October 8 and November, heaps of products were found in the market.  In the report so far linked to phone selling
 There are 4 Chinese companies in the top 5.  Xiaomi has been in the first place.  Due to the demand for Xiaomi products, counterfeit products are being sold in the market.  Police in Chennai and Bangalore have seized fake products worth Rs 33.3 lakh from the company.  During the raids on 3 suppliers in October and November, many counterfeit products were found which were being sold under the name of Xiaomi.  Xiaomi tops the list with the largest smartphone market share in India.  More than 3,000 fake products seized Mi Share Xiaomi has taken action against these suppliers with the police and the company's representatives have seized more than 3000 fake products.  From the mobile case in it has seized fake products.  

They range from mobile cases to headphones, powerbanks, chargers, earphones and other accessories.  The investigation revealed that these suppliers had been selling fake products for a long time.  ફે Fake products worth Rs 24.9 lakh have been seized from Chennai and Rs 8.4 lakh from Bangalore.  So the police have also arrested the shopkeepers selling these fake products of Xiaomi.  Risk to data and privacy Xiaomi said in the case that fake products spoil the user experience.  This increases the risk to data security.  Some fake products also harm the user's privacy.  Now the company has set up a special task force to monitor the market.  This force is taking action against the makers of fake products.  The company has asked customers to buy the product only from the authorized Xiaomi store.  This is how to identify the original Xiaomi product mi Product Authentication Ve your phone case 'Xiaomi Product Authentication Please enter MESIN = Where is my IME and S'N?
Xiaomi's products can be checked from the company's official website.  These products include Mi.  Powerbank, audio devices involved.  The security code given above can be checked by going to  Follow these steps to check if the product is original. First open the website  બાદ Open the first link after searching Product Authentication on Google.  • Go to the last option Product Authentication in the above sub-category here.  Now submit the IMEI or serial number of your product.  

Now verify by submitting the verification code in the box below.  Then your product details will come up.

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