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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Granted Secondary and higher Secondary school ni khali jagya mokalva babat latest paripatr

 Granted Secondary and higher Secondary school ni khali jagya mokalva babat latest paripatr

Instructions to consider regarding the details of vacancies of Assistant Teaching Assistant:

  • Details of vacancies of teaching assistants will have to be sent after taking action to include "protected spare teachers" due to class reduction / school closure in the schools under the control of your district.
  • As per the provisions of the resolution of the education department dated 08/06/18, the proportion of old teachers and teaching assistants has to be maintained.
  • The details of the vacancies of the old teachers included in the recruitment for the year 2013 and the vacancies of the old teachers created after that have to be maintained at the district level. Only the vacancies of the education assistants have to be sent here.
  • Any vacancies previously included in the recruitment process for the year 2015 will not be included in these vacancies.
  • Details of vacancies should be brought separately in the prescribed specimen forms attached to the secondary and higher secondary sections. As well as the forms will have to be made separately according to the medium.
  • The sample form along with the department wise and medium details of secondary and higher secondary should be sent as per the summary form.
  • Vacancies in the same subject and medium for which the TAT examination has been conducted by the State Examination Board shall be sent.
  • If there is a court case regarding the vacancy of the school, it is necessary to study the directions of the Hon'ble High Court and show whether the vacancy is eligible and decide such vacancy only at your own discretion.
  •  Guidelines for class increase / decrease and grant cut have been fixed by the resolution dated 31-12-2050 of the education department. It should not be included as there is no vacancy to be filled for classes with that number of students.

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