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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Details of distribution of Food Security Allowances at school level

Details of distribution of Food Security Allowances at school level,  Regarding the maintenance in the office of the Taluka Primary Education Officer, Mr., regarding the epidemic of Korona Kovid-12, Dt.  With the closure of schools from 19/07/2030, the state government has decided to give food security allowances to all the students registered under the mid-day meal scheme, according to which the amount of food and cooking cost has been allotted to the taluka schools by the Mamlatdars in 3 different phases.  

The school level is to maintain the record of distribution of food security allowances by the headmaster / SMC and mid-day meal scheme honorarium holders in the school and accordingly the details of distribution of food security allowances in each school are with the Mamlatdar's office and taluka primary education officer. 

 In order to keep the integrated details up to date, the Mamlatdar and the Taluka Primary Education Officer should get the details along with a copy of the record in the following sample form (may be changed as required).  So that less outstanding operations can be reviewed at the taluka level.

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