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Monday, May 2, 2022

uni card : easiest way to get credit limit

 Article of the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd Card

Uni Cards, which raised $18.5 million in funding, has recently released their Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card as their first immolation in an attempt to improve stoner credit card assiduity. Then there's all you need to know about the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card, including how to get one

What exactly is the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd Card?

Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card is technically not a credit card, despite the fact that it functions similarly to a regular credit card on the surface. It's mostly a PayLater (or) Pay1/3rd card, which means you can spend INR this month and pay INR a month for the next three months without incurring any interest.

The tech subcaste is noteworthy because it makes use of technology.

On the surface, the RBL/SBM bank's credit card system provides access to Visa.

LiquiLoans is an NBFC company that gives you access to a credit line.

So, in a nutshell, it's a domestic repayment card, which means you can't use it for international transactions or cash withdrawals, and you might have issues loading holdalls due to RBI guidelines, which aren't expected to be approved for several months.

Then there's a brief Uni Cards videotape that reminds me of the movie 47 Ronin.

Charges & Freights

Nil as a joining figure

Nil Fee for Renewal/Annual Fee

Quantum revolving interest As per the arbour, only late freights are accepted.

It's a flawless Continuance Free card (for the time being) with a solid late figure arbour structure ( rather of diurnal interest ).


1 Refund to credit card (if paid in full)

Although the algorithm divides "each payment" into three corridors based on dereliction, you can still pay in full and receive one refund.

The cashback mechanism is really straightforward, since you can choose whatever sale you wish to pay in full in a variety of gates, and the cashback is automatically adjusted to unbilled stmt, as shown below.

Although it is a positive experience, 1 is a little low for entry-level cards, as we now have cards that offer 2 cashback.

Unicards does indicate, however, that they are working on a pricing structure that would allow you to earn Uni Coins as well as a Uni Store with 5X prices ( perhaps like HDFC smartbuy).


Uni Card is a simple and clean style with the name on the front and card details on the back, similar to the majority of other ultramodern decorating cards available today.

The card is a light slate/tableware colour that looks good.

Credit Capacity

The credit limit is one of the most crucial aspects of an entry-level card, as most card issuers provide a relatively low limit, especially when it is the first card with the bank.

Uni still claims to be able to offer credit cards with credit amounts ranging from INR to Rs. 6 lakhs, which seems great.

That's an excellent credit limit for an entry-level card, and my credit limit was almost in the middle.

After 6 months of card allocation, a request for a credit limit increase can be moved.


The card is packaged in a clean and well-designed box that adds a touch of class to any room. Original prints were more like unpacking an iPhone than a card, which was fantastic work!

The box includes:

The University Card

(Yeah!) a Toblerone chocolate

A cloak ( good quality)

A luggage tag with your name on it (looks beautiful)


Another crucial factor to consider when it comes to entry-level position cards is client support, which is almost non-existent due to the volume.

Uni Cards, on the other hand, offers exceptional customer service.

For my partner, I received a dispatch from someone in the platoon as soon as I expressed interest in the card on the internet, to which I answered (inquiring about IOS support, which is now available) and received a response in under 30 minutes. It's incredible!

It was also appropriate to follow up on the same using WhatsApp assistance. That was a fantastic opportunity.

Should you apply for a Uni Card?

It depends on your profile and the needs, as it always does. To sum it up, the Uni card provided you with the following advantages.

Free Continuance Card

Chocolate luggage label for gifts

Cashback 1 cashback on all purchases - handy if your other cards don't offer pricing or rewards on certain transactions.

Late Payments It's like having a no-interest credit card for three months — extremely handy for high-value or time-sensitive purchases.

Offers 3 months of Zomato Pro - we may have more comparable offers in the future.

Apart from the costs, it excels in almost every other aspect.

If you're new to credit cards, though, it's a good idea to have one.

What is the procedure for applying?

Use the Android or iOS app to apply.

The surgical procedure is really straightforward. Simply install app and follow the on-screen command . It hardly requires anything.

To finish, 5 twinkles (or) lower

They use Aadhaar and the selfie to verify your identification.

The app checks your eligibility using CRIF, but as you go further and apply, it's likely that it uses both CRIF and CIBIL reports for underwriting, since I noticed an inquiry on CIBIL via the NBFC mate ( marked as NDXP, which is actually LiquiLoans).

As soon as you complete the operation process, your virtual card will be generated inconspicuously and ready to use. Just make sure you have "online discounts" turned on in your app before starting your test charge.

The physical card is delivered via Delhivery in about 3-5 days, and the good news is that you can choose your delivery address, just in case it differs from the one on your Aadhaar – a useful point.

Overall, the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card offers a positive onboarding experience, a decorative hello tackle, a reasonable credit limit, reasonable rates, and excellent customer service. Even yet, if you're into decorative cards and are only searching for "prices," this may not appeal to you.

Uni Pay 1/ 3rd Card is definitely UNIQUE, and it provides a truly excellent experience for someone who is new to credit cards.

However, a luxury credit card from Uni Cards — possibly a black card with a black chocolate – would pique my curiosity.

Have you submitted an application for the Uni Pay 1/3rd Card? Please feel free to share your story in the comments part below.

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