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Friday, July 22, 2022

Good news for SpiceJet passengers! A total of 26 new flights will start on these routes.

 Good news for Spice Jet passengers! A total of 26 new flights will start on these routes.

Indian low-cost carrier Spice Jet will be  bring up 26 new flights this week, starting on 22 July. Some routes will be  run as part of the authority UDAN projects to better connect unjust regions of India. The airline is also increasing number on some of its more liked routes.

Connecting Regional Airports

Starting this week, Spice Jet will  be connect Nashik with Hyderabad and Delhi with Khajuraho below the state-subsidized UDAN scheme. The auditory initiative aims to better economic growth across India by connecting early regional airports with metro placed . Airlines are encouraged to supply regular method flights to tier -2 and -3 towns such as Nashik and Khajuraho.

UDAN routes announced by the airline include:

  • Delhi to Nashik
  • Hyderabad to Jammu
  • Mumbai to Guwahati
  • Mumbai to Jharsuguda
  • Mumbai to Madurai
  • Varanasi to Ahmedabad
  • Kolkata to Jabalpur
Shilpa Bhatia, Chief Commercial Officer of SpiceJet said: “Our new UDAN flights are a testimony to our devotion to connect the loose parts of the nation and cater to rising passenger needed across the nation . The new and additional flights have been carefully added keeping rider comfort in mind and supply  them with multiple travel options.”

Increasing Frequency on Flights

SpiceJet will also increase density on some of its existing routes, such as Ahmedabad-Jaipur, Delhi-Hyderabad, Delhi-Dharamshala, and Amritsar-Ahmedabad. 

SpiceJet is the second largest airline in India by digit of domestic rider carried. | © Getty photo 
Shilpa Bhatia talk about : “We are delighted to reporter the bring up of 26 new flights across unlike sectors. The launch of these new flights on most routes will be help us build up our status as the nation most choose airline for flyers.”

New Routes Amid SpiceJet Controversy
News of the new routes comes at a delicate time for low-cost carrier’s opinion . At least eight Spice Jet planes had to make emergency landings in the past month, advice concerns all over  passenger safety. In response to the problem , India’s airline regulator issued a “show-cause” notice to the airline, say them justify why penal action must be taken against them. 

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