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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Vrudh Marnotar Vidhi Sahay Yojana 2022

 Vrudh Marnotar Vidhi Sahay Yojana 2022

Vrudh Sahay Yojana | Vrudh Marnotar Vidhi Sahay Yojana | Posthumous Assistance Scheme | Funeral projects Gujarat 2022 | Senior Citizen Death Sahay Yojana

Many projects are being apply by the state authority Farmer projects ,Women’s Scheme,kinds plan And projects for the elderly But it has been apply . Age-eligible senior citizens of the state are comfort from many projects by the authority . Old Age Pension projects , Senior Citizen projects etc. are working. One more of these “Funeral projects Gujarat 2022” has been apply by the authority .

The authority has recently apply this scheme. As much as from this projects of Senior Cities Lives in Gujarat. Like all those old public of state Old Age Pension projects benefits. If they die Funeral Therefore, their heirs get assistance from the authority below this projects . So let’s know more details about this projects .
Vrudh Marnotar Vidhi Sahay Yojana

today the state govt Funeral plan A new circular has been promulgated below and that the Senior Citizens are eligible for indigent old age hand and state Pension projects If the elderly who are comfort from death If done, this assistance is donor to the heir from his family.

The senior citizens who are collected the above mentioned hand of the state in this projects Postmortem action So this help is donor to their heirs so that they can do the posthumous action of their parents.

Antyeshti Yojana Gujarat Aid – Benefit
Gujarat State No Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the State in this project by Senior Citizen Those who Indigent Elderly Assistance And behind the death of senior nation who were comport from the National Pension projects the heir And they are Posthumous action for Rupees 5,000/- The hand is supply from the Govt.

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Vrudhdh Marnotar Sahay Yojana Eligibility- Eligibility
The funeral projects is run by the State division of Social Justice and go ahead . For this plan ability are as follows.

  • Died aged from Gujarat nation native must be.

  • Died Old ruined old Must be availing of assistance projects

  • A dead old man National Pension projects should be comfort from

  • entrant A dead old man A straight line the heir should be.

  • to the entrant aadhar card, Election card And Bank account should be.

Funeral Scheme Gujarat 2022 Rules
To avail the comfort of this projects , the entrant should do the following rules must be followed.

  • Senior Citizen Indigent Elderly hand And state Pension projects In case of death of the elderly who were getting the comfort of 1 year Within this aid they are of straight lines the heir is obtainable.

  • Husband Wife Old Age Pension projects are receiving and the right to request for this scheme on death of one of them husband or wife And if none of these two are alive, then theirs the heir can apply.

  • in favor of the suitor in case there is more than one heir Consent Form To be attached with the demand .

  • Old age pension It was getting paper The entrant has to give in (like pension no orderif there is no order, then the old man’s J Bank accounts The bank account where the pension is held revelation And Aadhaar Card digit )

  • The petitioner applying both his own and the defunct no relationship to express.

  • This aid just and only DBT If it is given through the entrant own bank Account Passbook Copy of

  • All in the prescribed form by the entrant request paper Pair up Office of Taluka Mamlatdar Shri demand has to be made at .and reach Must be obtained.

  • behind request if your demand No approval If done Day 30 within the Provincial Officer can action to

Funeral Plan Gujarat Aadhaar Evidence- Documents
Sarkar no Department of Social Justice and Empowerment By Senior Citizens A straight line heir are eligible to get the comfort of this projects . For and that the following no help evidence should be presented.

  • The deceased was a beneficiary of old age aid projects Supporting evidence (Vridha Sahay Yojana No order Signed by Mamlatdar/Provincial Officer)

  • The hand of the old age assistance projects on death was held in the account Bank accounts Copy of passbook of

  • of a dying old man aadhar card Copy of

  • of a dying old man Death paper .

  • rationing Copy of card.

  • of the entrant aadhar card Copy of

  • of the entrant Bank Passbook Copy of
  • Applicant no Mobile number.

Apply Vrudh Sahay Yojana Offline

  • To avail the comfort of this scheme, the applicant any database on Online to apply not.but Offline Mamlatdar office go to demand to be done.

    Of the elderly who seek this assistance death behind his death, if any 1 year For help demand should be done.

    of the prescribed sample supply here demand form to log in behind doing that, complete details of the demand form has to be filled.

    All supply more than behind filling the application form details paper Must be attached. Now that fully filled demand is yours Office of Taluka Mamlatdar Shri But you have to go in person and give in the demand there.
    Where behind request , the entrant submitted an application reach Must be obtained.

    behind applying in the bank account of the entrant 60 days Until Ma DBT by Aid money It will be done.

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