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Monday, August 1, 2022

If you want to eat delicious bhajiya, these are the 3 best places in Ahmedabad

 If you want to eat delicious bhajiya, these are the 3 best places in Ahmadabad


1. Raipur Bhajiya

Raipur Bhajiya House is a legend of sorts, with their bhajiyas/pakodas selling like hot cakes in the this part of Ahmadabad. This is to be expected as they have been creation and selling these for more than a chutney ! You can get them to wrap the batter-fried fritters of potato, veggies, onions, chillies, etc (served with chutneys and chopped onions on the side), in a newspaper so that you can relish it at home, with friends and family. Raipur Bhajiya House has many bought now, and that have been begin by relation or ex-staffers; the one at Nehrunagar Cross Roads is quite good.

2. Jail Bhajiya

Run by the Ahmadabad Central Jail, this shop/eatery is a unique way to supply workers to the jail inmates, and that will be go a long way in rehabilitating them in society. New Bhajiya House supply snacks that have been cooked by trained jail inmates, who prepare Methi Gotas (fenugreek bhajiya) just outside the shop. You can eat these here, while sitting on benches or standing except wooden tables — or have these packed in a newspaper sheet to take away. Biscuits and other bakery upshot of a pretty good level are as well as sold here. This is a reliable location to drop in when hungry or looking for a snack when you are visiting the area and that has a digit of authority offices, Bus Rapid Transit complex , the Gandhi Ashram and the RTO nearby.

3. Mayur Bhajiya

Fondly known as the "Masters of Bhajiya", the hub serves up some tasty garma-garam Bhajiyas along-with a lovely chutney, that is extremely hard to get by in this area. More than so, they tend to be pretty strict all over patrons wasting away their chutney so, a heads up if you don't want to be glared at.

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