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Friday, August 5, 2022

White Love: 10 Best Milk Recipes | Easy Milk Recipes

 White Love: 10 Best Milk Recipes | Easy Milk Recipes

Milk Recipes- Not just is milk a total meal in itself, it is also such a versatile ingredient which is an intregral part of most of the Indian desserts and even so some delicious curries. recall all those incidents when a as a child you were coaxed and coerced into drinking your glass of milk? What a sense of heroic accomplishment we felt behind gulping down the entire glassful in one go. But then, as well as grew older, we slowly growth a liking towards this not-so-well liked drink, for sot as we came to realize its comfort .

Whether it tops the charts for you or not, milk holds an extremely crucial position in our daily intake. It is full of protein and nutrients that are totally a needed for human growth at all stages of life.

From adding it in our cereals, to churning out restoring fruit shakes and smoothies, the emergent and unavoidable need of milk in our daily food chart has total us to be clever and further push the culinary border to embrace milk in mainstream cooking as well.

1. Kashmiri Paneer

Please everybody at your dinner table by kindness them this real Kashmiri paneer curry. charge with goodness of milk and loads of masalas, this one is a sure shot show stealer!
1lm82rsgCooked in khada masalas, this the Kashmiri paneer recipe spells tasty .

2. Dhaniwal KormaA

unique test with milk and lamb meat to bring you this curry that is sure to spark of wonders on your taste buds. An exquisite, creamy lamb curry full of exotic spices, curd and aromatic saffron infused milk.

3. Spiced Simmered cron

For a laid back weekday evening when you come back from work and open your refrigerator to find just milk and corn. Here is a easy and soothing corn curry, low on masala, light on stomach and large high on taste.

4. Chicken and Milk Stew

Chicken seared to a beautiful golden brown, further cooked in a buttery broth of milk and aromatic herbs. This one will be glide past your senses!
best-milk-recipes-4Lightly seasoned chicken cooked with milk, garlic, herbs and a hint of lemon.

5. Zaffrani PulaoA

meal is incomplete without a little rice! Here is the classic Zafrani Pulao, full on dry fruits with an addition of milk and saffron to render that captivating aroma.
These delectable gems won't leave out any scope for you to feel hungry, still if you are a committed foodie who believes in rounding off every meal with a little something that is sweet, we recommend you to take a stroll down our milky way with our best milk made desserts.

6. Rasmalai

Plate up to these round, little, feather soft cakes bathed in the goodness of milk. This one comes from Marut's Sikka's innovative kitchen.

7. Paneer PayeshA

classic Bengali dessert made of rice, embracing ghee, nuts and truck loads of milk. This payesh recipe is made with mashed paneer.

8. PhirniOne

of the most loved desserts of this nation , local, flavourful, easy and satiating. Let the milk simmer with rice flour, sugar and a miscellany of dry fruits and arrive at this sweet delight! Traditionally served in small earthen bowls known as 'Shikoras', Phirni is one of the most favourite Indian dessert recipes to make on special occasions.

9. Mawa MisriA

delighting treat from the land of warriors! This one is a sweet play of milk and nuts with crystal sugar.
best-milk-recipes-9A traditional Rajasthani dessert.

10. Khichdo

easy yet impressively delicious, this one is sure to satiate your craving. Made of roasted cracked wheat coupled with milk, sugar and nuts- cooked to a sweet perfection.

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