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Thursday, September 29, 2022

AutoBiz: Highlights of Bajaj’s New Akurdi EV Manufacturing Plant

Auto Biz: Highlights of Bajaj’s New Akurdi EV Manufacturing Plant

To expand the company’s EV business, a few days ago, Bajaj inaugurated its brand-new EV manufacturing plant in Pune’s Akurdi

For years, we have used the name Chakan with Bajaj because of Bajaj’s famous manufacturing plant present in Chakan. However, from now on, we will have to get used to the name of another place called Akurdi. After all, Bajaj’s subsidiary Chetak Technology Limited recently inaugurated a plant in Akurdi to only produce electric vehicles.

The inauguration took place on 10 June 2022, the birth anniversary of the late Shri Rahul Bajaj in the presence of Rajiv Bajaj, the present chairman of the company. In the years to come, Chetak Technology and its partner vendors will invest a lump-sum amount of INR 750 crore that will enable the plant to manufacture five lakh units per annum.

Back to where it was born 

The all-new Akurdi plant is a historic milestone, not just for Bajaj as a company but also for the much-loved scooter Chetak. Why? Well, the first Chetak that was launched by Bajaj in the 1970s was born in Akurdi. So, in a way, the all-new electric Chetak from Bajaj’s stable is finally at home.

The new factory

The new Akurdi plant is spread across half a million square feet and employs around 900 workers who are backed by modern-day tools and pieces of equipment that also include automated machineries. From the assembly line to the painting section and quality test zone, automation is found in every part of the facility.

Not to forget, while they assemble most of the Chetak scooters in one section, the Akurdi plant features a special separate section for battery testing. Given how batteries are explosive in nature, the area is covered with a moat to ensure the safety of the workers and the plant.

Official statement of Bajaj

On the special occasion, Rajiv Bajaj said, “Chetak is the original ‘Make in India’ superstar, which won hearts worldwide. True to those designed-and-built-in-India roots, the electric avatar of Chetak is born out of our strong R&D, deep understanding of products & consumers, and decades of manufacturing expertise.”

Bajaj Chetak electric

A revolutionary product in the Indian automobile industry, the petrol-driven Chetak was the apple of every Indian’s eyes. However, in 2005, the production was discontinued. 14 years later, in 2019, Bajaj brought back the Chetak in an all-electric avatar that is presently purchasable in 30 Indian cities. In the years to come, Bajaj aims to fill the Indian streets with electric Chetaks just like they did years ago.

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