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Saturday, October 29, 2022

This roasted makhana recipe is a perfect ‘halka-fulka’ weight loss snack!

This roasted makhana recipe is a perfect ‘halka-fulka’ weight loss snack!

Know to rally makhana in visage as well as microwave oven and enjoy its health benefits ranging from weight loss to arthritis 

Makhana or fox nuts or phool makhana is one of the healthiest snacks which also promotes weight loss. However, they can be a little hard to bite as they stick far and wide in the mouth, If eaten raw. But formerly roasted, they come brickle and perfect to have as a snack! Let’s take a look at how to rally makhana at home. 
 In India, makhana has been used for quite some time in kheer, raita, sabzi or just as a snack during fasts . However, we ’d like you to know that makhana are made after recycling the seeds of the lotus factory! If you wonder where does makhana really come from.
 Benefits of roasted makhana 

 A 2019 study published in Research Gate  shows that roasted makhana is a perfect evening snack as it contains 11.16 percent protein and 75.04 percent carbohydrates, is low in calories and promotes weight loss. According to the study, its other benefits include 

 * Strengthens the heart and is veritably useful in anemia 

 * Makhana is an important component which is used to strengthen the spleen and feathers. 

 * It contains low sodium and high potassium which reduces blood pressure 

* It contains a veritably low quantum of monounsaturated fat, which prevents an raised blood sugar position 

 * Makhana also helps to control conditions like neuralgia, incontinence, habitual diarrhea and arthritis 
 So, let’s take a look at how we can reap the benefits of makhana with this simple and delicious form that you can munch on whenever you want. 

 How to rally makhana? 

 Step 1 

 Take a visage, add 1 teaspoon of ghee or oil painting to it and toast it. Once the oil painting is hot add the makhanas to it. 

 Step 2 

 rally the makhanas for 10- 12 twinkles on a low honey, and keep stirring in between, till they come light golden brown and crisp. 

 Step 3 

 Once roasted, you can add some swab or chaat masala to it and store it in a jar once it cools down. 
 Step 4 

To rally makhana in the microwave oven, take some makhanas in a microwave oven-safe coliseum and heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave oven. 
 Step 5 

 After 30 seconds, take them out of the microwave oven, give them a good stir and keep it back in for 30 seconds again. Keep repeating this process until the makhanas are crisp and roasted.

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