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Saturday, October 29, 2022

You can use raw milk in not one, but four ways, know some old recipes

 You can use raw milk in not one, but four ways, know some old recipes

From grandmother's conventions to dermatologists, all say raw milk is salutary for the skin. But also are some other ways and benefits of using raw milk. 

 Changes in the terrain also affect skin and hair health. Due to which the effect of quotidian care products also starts abating. For illustration, sweating is more in summer when the terrain is sticky. For this reason, it's judicious to use a light moisturizer or a gel moisturizer. But at the same time, due to dry air in time-out, emptiness remains in the skin, due to which it's salutary to use heavy moisturizer. therefore, it's also necessary to make changes in tone- care with the change in the downfall, so that it can be easier to adapt to the terrain. 

My grandmother believes that raw milk is a panacea for skin and hair problems in the changing seasons. After espousing the styles mentioned by him, I started seeing the difference in a numerous days. To understand this deeply, I read multitudinous disquisition and set up that – 

 Why is raw milk so special? 

 Along with having lactic acid in raw milk, vitamins A and D are also set up, which are truly important for the skin. Raw milk can be used as a natural color and moisturizer. Also, with its quotidian use, the dark spots and dullness of the face associated with the skin start reducing. Raw milk is also a good option for frizzy and dry hair. According to disquisition by PubMed Central, raw milk helps in the growth of new cells by removing dead skin cells from the skin. 

1. Use raw milk like this for face 

 Raw milk for the face can be used in multitudinous ways. Applying lemon juice mixed with raw milk reduces dark spots on the skin. 

 face marsh 

Facewash can be done with raw milk plain or by adding sandalwood or gram flour to it. 


 face pack 

 Using raw milk in the face pack makes the skin moisturized and naturally glowing. Raw milk can be used to mix the amalgamation of face pack. 


 Recalling can be done by mixing rice flour with raw milk. 

 2. Use this for hair 

 Like skin, raw milk for hair is also like magic remedy for hair. 

milk massage 

 Puffing the crown by mixing some water and aloe vera gel in raw milk can reduce multitudinous dandruff and emptiness. 

 natural conditioner 

 Raw milk can be used as a conditioner for dry and breathless hair. For this, applying raw milk to the hair roots after cleaner can give better results. 

 hair mask 

 Raw milk can be used in hair masks, it can be salutary in multitudinous hair problems. For this, mixing raw milk in amla cream or fenugreek cream and applying it on the hair makes hair thick and strong. 

 3. Use raw milk for body polishing 

 Using raw milk for body polishing can be salutary. Body massage can be done by mixing honey in raw milk. Also, raw milk can be used to make ubtan for the body. This will moisturize the skin as well as help in removing the tanning of the body. 

 4. Manicure and Pedicure 

 Raw milk can be used for manicure and pedicure, adding lemon juice to raw milk removes clean dead skin. Also, mixing equal volume of multani mitti and gram flour with raw milk can make a glowing pack for manicure and pedicure.

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