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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Download Top 10 educational app for stdents 2020 Useful to all student and perents

Download Top 10 instructive application for stdents 2020 ;hi companions here we give you top 10 instructive application for understudies please download and make simple training to your understudies:

Top 10 educational app for students. 

1. Gujarati kids Learning App 

Gujarati Kids App is a method of learning Gujarati for children or first time students. 

This application shows different area like Gujarati Mulakshar, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English months, Week days in Gujarati, Gujarati Barakhadi, Gujarati numbers, Shapes and Color in Gujarati, Birds, Animals, Directions, Games for kids. 

The image/words having sounds to know how to pronouns. 

It likewise causes students to work on composing on it by following the letter. 

There is fun games for children to distinguish the photos/words likewise memory games for kids 

- Gujarati learning applications. 

- Gujarati kids instructive applications 

- Gujarati letter set.


2. Shala Mitra – Study Material for GSEB 

'School Mitr' encourages you to rehearse and deal with your everyday learning. This application is created according to Gujarat Government Primary Schools Curriculum, notwithstanding, this application isn't subsidiary with GSEB in any capacity. 


– GSEB/GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications) 

– New 2020 NCERT (GCERT) Books 

– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) and Rules 

– Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12 

– MCQ For STD 5 to 12 

– Exercise Solution 

– MCQ Provided according to Curriculum 

– Old Question Paper 

– Essay Section 

– Bal Vibhag (Child Section) 

– Balshrushti Section 

– Material Design 

– Easy To Navigate 

– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati 

– Videos For Audio Visual Learning 

– Download Text Books Offline 

Course readings accessible for all significant subjects like underneath. 

– Science 

– Maths 

– Biology + Practical 

– Physics + Practical 

– Chemistry + Practical 

– Following books are additionally given 

Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science just as other, for example, Sangeet, Yoga, Computer, Tabla, Jiv vigyan (Biology), Bhautik Shastra (Physics), Rasayan Shastra (Chemistry), Rajyashastra and so on… 

Material for eleventh and twelfth Arts, Commerce and Science are additionally given. 

This Gujarati medium examination application encourages you to make progress.


3.Kids All in One Gujarati 

Children All in One Gujarati App is one bundle that encourages your children to improve their Nursery information in a visual manner to learn and recollect different significant fundamental components about their school course or subjects in the Gujarati Language. 

Different classes remembered for App, for example, English and Gujarati Alphabets, Puzzles, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Flowers, Numbers, Birds, Months, Week Days, Transportation, Directions, Body Parts, Sports, Festivals, Countries and some more. Children All in One Gujarati App has recently changed the gaining from the study hall to the home. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati is very straightforward and simple to utilize. Have your youngster swipe pictures around the screen to see and hear the name articulated. The astonishing designs, lovely hues, incredible activity, and magnificent mood melodies make the ongoing interaction captivating and the children curious to learn. 

Guardians can likewise invest energy with their youngsters, realize English words for every class name and furthermore keep your infant occupied with training and amusement. We truly trust that guardians won't be envious as we didn't have this kind of fun learning and we needed to experience exhausting books as it were. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati App to play and practice with basic expansion, deduction, increase, and division. Presently download and play for nothing on android! Improve child's arithmetic abilities or pick up checking numbers. The games are so straightforward and simple even the most youthful children can play it 

The App has the most additional thing is Paint is for babies to play around with a paintbrush. Painting for kids is continually fascinating to play, they can paint and change hues a few times. With drawings and painting kindergarten can make their own reality. 

The paint will improve your youngster's inventiveness with the beautiful universe of drawings. Shading Paint has 20+ Stickers for the artwork to make drawing more excellent like your little children. 

In-App has a Real compass to learn heading. Compass for Direction gives you the headings of North, East, West, and South. It is exceptionally simple to utilize. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati has three unique riddles Image Move, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Tic Tac Toe. Picture Move the work of art, square and roundabout formed pieces to make puzzles with brilliant drawings and bits of various sizes and shapes. Jigsaw pays attention to learning with a determination of drag and drops object puzzles planned particularly for youngsters. The Tic Tac Toe game is a game for two players, who alternate denoting the spaces in a 3×3 framework. The player who prevailing with regards to setting three particular imprints in a flat, vertical, or askew column dominates the match. 

Key Features 

• Gujarati learning applications. 

• Gujarati kids instructive applications 

• Has a differed scope of instructive classes in a solitary application 

• Attractive and bright plans and pictures for kids 

• Kids figure out how to distinguish objects by their names 

• Professional way to express words for youngster's right learning 

• Days of the week for kids free 

• Educational games for kindergarten 

• Logical applications for little children 

• Sounds of letters 

• Entertain game and applications for preschoolers 

• Shapes and hues 

• Letters and numbers 

• Talking letters in order 

• Education puzzle 

• Human body parts for training 

• Baby learn genuine Gujarati words 

• Help guardians show their children 

• Train memory 

• Improve articulation 

• Your kid can explore it effectively without anyone else 

• Ability to quiet the sound when required 

• Simple swiping to move between various items 

• Nice livelinesss 

• The game is adjusted to be taken care of without any problem 

• Your little child will learn a lot quicker with this extraordinary application! 

• Offline access permits you to play 

• Tablet Supported 

• Jigsaw Puzzles 

• Tic Tac Toe 

• Image Move 

• Smart Compass


4.Easy Gujarati Learning For Kids 

Gujarati Kids App is a method of learning Gujarati for children or first time students. 

This application shows different segment like Gujarati Mulakshar, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English months, Week days in Gujarati, Gujarati Barakhadi, Shapes and Color in for kids. 

The image/words having sounds to know how to pronouns. 

It likewise causes students to work on composing on it by following the letter.

5.Gujarati Kids Learning | गुजराती किड्स अँप 

Best application for Gujarati kids. Presently your child master everything with this application. Gujarati Pathshala For Kids, is the keen application for Gujarati kids, the best learning answer for Gujarati kids. 

Fun method of learning Gujarati .If your preschool kids don't have the foggiest idea about the Gujarati then this is the ideal application for your children. 

This application uncommonly for nursery kids.You can adapt bunches of things through this Gujarati kids application like Gujarati Alphabet Tracing, Mathematics numbers, Fruits, Animals, Vegetables, Birds names, Colors, Shapes.Kids love following. Children love painting. This is a simple path with which they would self be able to gain proficiency with the Gujarati Alphabets. The best Gujarati letter sets following for Gujrati kids.App present all different significant classes 

– Gujarati Barakhadi 

– Gujarati Varnamala 

– Numbers in Gujarati 

– Colors in Gujarati 

– Shapes in Gujarati 

– Animals in Gujarati 

– Birds in Gujarati 

– Flowers in Gujarati 

– Fruits in Gujarati 

– Vehicles in Gujrati 

– Sports in Gujrati 

– Professions in Gujrati 

– Body parts in Gujrati 

– Electronics in Gujrati 

– Dangerous things for kids in Gujrati 

– School things in Gujrati 

– Vegetables in Gujarati 

– Good Habits in Gujarati 

– Worship of Lord Ganpati, Poojapat in Gujarati 

* Gujarati Kids App lets you take practice meeting alongside score n accomplishments. This will give you the subtleties of your children development. 

* Gujarati Kids App have the love area, since it's significant for unwinding, reflection, self discipline improvement and fixation. 

* It additionally helps Gujrati kids practice Gujarati barakhadi and varnamala composing on their by following each letter. 

* Good Habit segment will show your children how to keep up great way and order, it additionally shows contrast between great and negative behavior patterns graphically, it's such a great amount of straightforward and handle for your children. 

As is commonly said, one picture is equivalent to thousand words, we have put more accentuation on encouraging great propensities to gujarati kids through pictures. 

Great propensity like – brush your teeth ordinary, scrub down regular are shown utilizing pictures. 

One picture portrays what occurs in the event that you follow those propensities, another shows what may occur in the event that you don't follow them. Pictures have more impact than simple words, so kids are bound to follow these great propensities. 

Gujarati Kids App each classification isolated into 3 primary area which is Introduction, Practice and Score. 

So now its extremely simple to learn and rehearse the fundamental gujarati .

Download Gujarati Kids App today

6. Education transmitted disease 10 GUJARATI MEDIUM 

Gujarat Board test Subject based MCQ Test all subject including Social Science MCQ, Science and Technology MCQ Test, Sanskrit MCQ Test, Hindi MCQ Test, Gujarati MCQ, Computer Subject MCQ Test and Mathematics MCQ Test. 

Results: In this segment you can check your Gujarat Board GSEB SSC Result. 

Books: GSEB Gujarat Board all subject book you can peruse online just as you can likewise download it in PDF document design. 

GSEB Gujarat Board all subject old inquiry paper with arrangements are included

Downloaad from Here

7. EduSafar 

Welcome to EduSafar Family. 

EduSafar is outstanding amongst other Educational App which gives customary updates on instructive exercises like test, test, test. 

You can utilize this application in Gujarati with on the web and disconnected. At the point when you open this application first time then you need the web association and after then you can utilize each message without a web association. 

For Education, this is the first since forever Gujarati language applications where you can get familiar with all underneath themes/subjects messages and data without any problem. 

For each theme, we post or updates significant data day by day. so please download our application and get day by day new messages or significant data identified with your training. 

So, our point is that understudies of Gujarat get meet all requirements for different serious tests. 

We likewise give day by day free internet figuring out how to practically all subjects for serious tests just as uncommon current undertakings on our YouTube channel. 

**** NEW FEATURE **** 

Tests: We will give diverse test day by day essential like current undertaking test, general information test, other serious test related tests. 


* Edu Update: In this menu, we give day by day instructive updates and messages. 

* Jobs: In this menu, you will be advised right away when there are any administration occupations declared. 

* (GK in Gujarati): For General Knowledge, we post Daily Current Affairs, Vyakaran and Samiksha. 

* Today: To propel you, we post quotes(Suvichar) each morning. We additionally give "On This Day" (Din Vishesh) and Joks in this part. 

* Technology: We spread themes like Computer, Useful Websites, Apps, Videos, Technology and Mobile related news for you. 

* Primary (Prathmik): For Primary Teachers, we post Math, Science and Technology and Social Science themes or messages. 

* Secondary (Madhymik): For Secondary Teachers, we post Math, Science and Technology and Social Science themes or messages. 

* Video: You can discover numerous valuable recordings for your serious test readiness like thinking, Gujarati, Geography, India's Constitution, Science, Technology, CCC, and so on. 

* Ask Question: You can ask or share your insight to EduSafar people group. 

* PariPatro: On this segment, we post new/most recent circulars(Paripatro) of Primary Education. 

* CCC Exam: Providing free material to handle CCC test effectively utilizing our Videos, PDFs, eBooks and Posts. 

* Reading (Vanchan): In this segment, You can discover many fascinating perusing materials like for better life, Stories (PDF), Health, Carrier Help, Inspirational Stories, Educational PDFs, and so forth. 

* About applications: We will present significant updates related on the application or its highlights and certainly will wish you at each celebration. Likewise, you can give your proposals for our application. 

* My Favorites: If you like any updates or messages in any classification, at that point you can bookmark it for effectively access from this menu.

8.Gujarati Vyakran (Gujarati Grammar) 

Gujarati Vyakran (Gujarati Grammar) 

Gujarati Grammar 

Gujarati Vyakran 

Gujarati Sahity 

Gujarati Bhasha 

Gujarati gk 

Gujarati Genaral Knowladge 

Gujarati Language 

Gujarati Vyakran(Grammar) 

English Grammar(Gujarati) 

Gujarat Bhugol 

Bharat Bhugol 

Vishw Bhugol 

Gujarat Bhugol Gujarati 

Bharat Bhugol Gujarati 

Vishw Bhugol Gujarati 

Geology of Gujarat 

Geology of India 

Geology of World 

Gujrat History In Gujarati 

Gujarat No Itihas In Gujarati 

Bharat No Itihas In Gujarati 

Indian History In Gujarati 

Vishw No Itihas In Gujarati 

World History In Gujarati 

old india history 

india s history 

india history 

old history of india 

old india 

history india 

india old history 

history in india 

chronicled guide of india 

history on india 

complete history of india 

history of english in india 

political history of india 

history old india 

leaders of india 

old human progress of india 

chronicled occasions in india 

books on history of india 

a background marked by india 

history of india for kids 

present day history of india 

history of old india 

the historical backdrop of india 

full history of india 

history of india book 

early history of india 

old history of india in hindi 

monetary history of india 

old history of india 

old history india 


Gujarati Gk 

Gujarati Vyakran 

Gujarati Grammar 

English Grammar 

English Vyakran 

Panchayati Raj 

IPC (Indian Penal Code) 


Gujarat Bhugol 

Indian Bhugol 

Maths In Gujarati 

Gujarati Maths


9.Learning Delight 

Learning Delight application gives the Gujarat State Board content for sexually transmitted disease. 1 to 8. The substance is as activitys, recordings, sound and text to all the more likely encourage the learning experience of the kid. 

Highlights : 

Content – The substance is planned by the schedule endorsed by the Gujarat State Education Board. It has subjects like Mathematics, Science and so forth. 

Test area – The test segments for principles 6 to 8 empower the kid to take MCQ quizes for every part and contain a huge informational collection of inquiries. Each time another inquiry paper is created from the equivalent. 

Results – For each test taken, we give an inside and out outcome investigation alongside near examination of a similar inquiry replied by different clients.

10.Urja Learning App 

Urja is a progressive learning application that helps tenth, eleventh and twelfth Science understudies from Gujarat Board to get ready for their board and serious tests viably. The application offers total learning programs for eleventh and twelfth science Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and tenth Math and Science through top notch master video talks and MCQ-based inquiries and their answers. 

Urja is the main application that gives total learning programs in Gujarati language, tending to the need of understudies who want to learn in local language. Our video talks and question banks are uncommonly evolved through joint efforts with master educators in their fields, guaranteeing great instruction for understudies in a more intelligent manner. 

The application's interface and the highlights are intended to make learning fun and keen. 

Key App Features: 

Video Lectures: Each subject comprise part insightful recordings to assist understudies with getting a handle on the ideas rapidly. The recordings are recorded by probably the best instructors in the nation to ensure learning stays successful for all. 

Peruse: The Read module is intended for understudies who wish to experience all arrangement of potential inquiries for every part in the subject and decide their answers. This part helps in increasing more information about potential inquiries posed in tests and get ready for it completely. 

Practice: With Practice module, understudies can begin testing their insight by responding to inquiries for every section in the subject. They can check the right answer for each off-base question and improve their aptitudes further.
Disclaimer : 

All instructive application is best in google play. we discovered top 10 application for understudies we found those which are placed above… ..

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