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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Regarding the leave of COVID-19 of the employee performing duty in the primary school

 Education Establishment / Vashi / Per, - Taluka Primary Education Officer, ... All - Principal, Salary Center  Dahod District Primary Education Officer's Office Education Branch, District Panchayat Dahod Email id 4.7 / 90RORO Twan-20.  World: - Regarding the leave of COVID-19 of the employee performing duty in the primary school .. Reference: - Deputy Secretary, General Administrative Department, Gandhinagar, letter no. Perch / 102050 303 dt.  15/08/2018, based on the above topic and context, it is to be noted that at present, the WHO has declared the novel Corona (COVID-19) virus as pandemic all over the world.  Various measures have been taken to control the spread of Novel Corona (coviD-10) virus as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Government of India and the State Government.  Infection of Novel Corona (COMP-19) virus is on the rise in Dahod district at present, so as a precautionary measure, appropriate steps are being taken to prevent the transmission of Corona virus.  In all the primary schools under this office, different functions are assigned to the employees.  If the employee on duty in the primary school or any member of his / her family has received a positive report from Corona, then the following details have to be approved for home quarantine.  કોઈપણ The first rapid / RTPCR test should be done if any school employee is found to be infected with the corona virus.  If the report is positive, the head employee will have to be admitted to the hospital or home quarantine as per the doctor's advice.  This has to be reported to the Taluka Primary Education Officer through the school.  And after the completion of the prescribed treatment, Corey will have to be tested and will have to attend school if the test is negative.  And will have to submit a report on that. 

 Regarding the incoming application of the employee, the headmaster / principal should check the application and recommend to stay home varantine and inform in writing to the taluka office as well as the office here.  Self declaration will have to be made at the time of sanction of leave.  • An certified copy of Coro's Positive Report and a Medical Certificate application must be attached to the employee or a member of his / her family.

 In view of the above administrative matters, the application for such leave is related to the headmaster of those schools.  The headmaster of the principal's school is asked to co-check the grounds and submit it here with the leave account.  On the basis of the medical certificate, the employee has to show ON DUTY in the online presence and their attendance has to be recorded in the hospital in 8 days by writing ETMIT or Home Quarantine Self or Home Quarantine Family.  Also, if you have any questions about this, you will have to contact the Beat Education Inspector.  Note: - If any employee has gone on leave for the above reasons, he / she will have to submit the required grounds and get the leave approved.  District Primary Shiyan Officer District Education Committee, Dahod Nakul Departed: Beat Education Inspector, informed to all District Dahod and implementation is good.  .  B.R.C.  / CRC Co-ordinator, informed and implemented to all District Dahod,

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Data and battery can be saved by setting these 3 on Google Play Store, no app can be installed on your phone without your knowledge

Data and battery can be saved by setting these 3 on Google Play Store, no app can be installed on your phone without your knowledge 

Google play APPS  GAMES MOVIES & TV MUSIC IN BOOKS ONEWSSTAND New + Updated Games MORE  If you have an Android smartphone, you need the Google Play Store  Favorite and useful apps can be installed from the Play Store.  The App Store will have some work settings that you may not have noticed, but by following this setting you can save both data and battery from running out quickly.  So let us know how you can become tech savvy by turning on this setting 

 If your phone runs out of internet bullet speed and you don't even know it, you can save data by adopting this setting.  To do this, go to Store Settings and go to Auto Updates Apps.  Select 'Don't auto updaI9te apps' here.  If the over-the-top network is selected, it will start automatically as soon as the app is updated and your data will be used.  So both the data and the battery will be exhausted.  Setting Number-2 Save Phone Battery GO 17:03 ... 034 Settings General Notifications Manage notification settings App download preference Thama

  If you use the Play Store too much, it will drain the phone battery quickly.  Some changes will have to be made in the setting to prevent this from happening.  To do this, go to Settings and tap on Theme, select the 'Set by Battery Saver' option.  This setting will consume less battery than the Play Store.  Setting Number-3 How to Protect Play Store 4040 1111 17:03 ... * .34 Parental controls Create content PIN You'll use this PIN to change settings for parental controls.  

If you are afraid of giving your phone to someone and they install an app on your phone without your knowledge, there is a trick to avoid it.  All you have to do is go to Settings and go to Parental Controls.  You will need to submit a 4 digit password as soon as you turn it on.  The password will be set, now whenever the Play Store is opened it will ask for the password.  Made better

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Postpaid users of Jio will get exemption from security fee

Postpaid users of Jio will get exemption from security fee, 

only customers who leave another company will get benefit 4 hours ago POSTPAID Jio POSTPAID POSTPAID © Share customers will also get unified data of current operator on Jio network  Jio charges security fees ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,800 Jio Reliance Jio has announced a rebate on security fees for postpaid plans.  This discount will be given to those customers who leave other telecom companies to Geo Postpaid. Selects the utility plan.  According to Geo's statement, these customers will be given as much credit limit as is being given by existing operators. 

 Gionee's postpaid plan will be available at Zero Cost According to a statement released by the company, postpaid customers of other companies will take Giono's postpaid plus plan, which will be offered at zero cost.  In addition, customers will not have to deposit any security fee.  Geo is offering up to 500GB of data on its postpaid connection and a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar.  Unused data of other companies will be available According to the company, unused data of other companies' postpaid customers will also be available on Geo's network.  For this, customers will have to send a message to Geo's WhatsApp number.  In addition you will have to upload the postpaid bill of your current operator.

  It is believed that Reliance Jio has taken this step to increase its customer base.  Reliance Jio is currently the largest mobile service provider in the country.  The company currently has about 39 crore mobile subscribers.can take Geo's postpaid plan Step-1: Customers can send a message from their current postpaid number (which they want to port to Geo) to WhatsApp number 8850188501  Step-2: Customers will then have to upload the postpaid bill of their existing telecom operator.  Security fees range from Rs 500 to Rs 1,800. According to TRAI's website, customers have to deposit Rs 500 to Rs 1,800 as security fees for Reliance's postpaid plans, although there is no mention of such a security deposit on Reliance Jio's website.  According to the plan, how much security will have to be given on which plan? Security.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

In which states will the school be shut from October 15?

 In which states will the school be shut from October 15? 

The focal government will give rules with respect to Unlock-4 in the following hardly any days. It is being informed that the Center can give any rules for opening schools in the fourth and last Unlock-4 (Unlock-4 Guidelines). Then, a few states are making methodologies for beginning classes for senior class youngsters.

 Rules prepared for opening of school 

As indicated by the news, the focal government has arranged enormous rules for opening schools in Unlock-4 (Unlock 4 Guidelines for Schools) yet it will all rely upon the states. The Central Government has nearly made rules for opening schools between September 1 and November 14 with a few limitations in Unlock-4. 

A few states showed up in the gathering with the focal government concurred 

Andhra Pradesh is arranging a technique to open schools in its place, however the guardians are not content with this choice of the administration. In the gathering of the Center, it was held that in the states where there are less instances of crown, senior youngsters' schools can be opened. Simultaneously, Basic Education Minister of the nation's biggest state Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Satish Dwivedi has said that we are hanging tight for the rules of the Central Government. As per the rules, the school will be viewed as open as needs be. 

Schools will be opened in a staged way 

As per the proposed rules of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Health Ministry, it has been consented to open schools in a staged way. On the initial 15 days, understudies of tenth and twelfth will be approached to come to class. Likewise, understudies from various areas will be approached to come on various days. All schools will open between 8 am to 11 am and 12 early afternoon to 3 pm. There will be an hour break in the middle of, in which the school will be disinfected.

ગુજરાતી મા વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Pre-essential and elementary schools won't open 

The administration won't open pre-essential and grade schools in Unlock-4 Guidelines. Online classes will proceed here as in the past.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Beware before buying an old smartphone !, Follow this simple trick to check

Beware before buying an old smartphone !, Follow this simple trick to check 
whether it is stolen 06/10/20 Tech D Guide First note down the IMEI number of the phone by dialing * # 06 # સે Sending to IMEI number 14422 will bring the details of the phone to the screen. Old smartphones are available on a low budget so many people choose it.  Depending on the model and condition of the phone, the phone is available at half the price.  If you are Older smartphones are available on a low budget so many people choose it.  Depending on the model and condition of the phone, the phone is available at half the price.  You also need to be careful if you are buying an old smartphone.  Someone may have sold you a stolen smartphone without your knowledge.  Changing the phone's software to have your stolen smartphone stuck can put you in trouble.  If you are going to buy a second hand smartphone you need to be a little smarter.  
We are going to tell you a trick that will let you know in a matter of seconds whether the phone is stolen or its IMEI number has been tampered with .... 1. First take the IMEI number of the phone.  Dial * # 06 # to know the IMEI number of any phone.  The IMEI number will be displayed on the phone screen as soon as you dial.  If the phone is dual SIM, the IMEI number of both the SIMs will be shown.  Make a note of either IMEI number.
2. Now click on the message icon to send the test message.  Type KYM and IMEI number followed by a space.  Now send it to 14422.
3. Shortly after sending the message, a message will appear on the phone as shown in the photo below.  This message will contain all the details of the phone.  It will show the name of the manufacturer along with the IMEI number, both the information, the brand name and the model number of the phone.  You can compare these details to the phone to see if KYC is showing the same information.  The IMEI number was not tampered with if the information matched.  In that you can buy that old smartphone.
Note: If the message Invalid / Black - listed / Already - In - USe / Duplicate 241 4812 - il sis also has a test show, it may be a stolen phone so don't buy it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The rural people of Gujarat do not have to go to government offices frequently, 22 services were made online

The country individuals of Gujarat don't need to go to government workplaces as often as possible, 22 administrations were made on the web

A sworn statement with respect to this administration can be made to Talati. You no longer need to go to a public declare for that. The nation authority has chosen to give Talati the intensity of oath for these administrations  


The Gujarat authority  will be dispatch an advanced support  connect in the program. The point is to better authority work toward this path. Advanced support connect program will be begun in 2700 towns out of 3500 towns of Gujarat and in 167 talukas. The administration, and that will be begin on October 8, will be cover 8000 towns by December and will be make 22 administrations carefully accessible. These 22 administrations incorporate apportion card, widow authentication, deviance  of brief habitation, evidence of salary.    

22 administrations were made on the web :: 


Concerning, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that a sworn statement with respect to this administration can be made to Talati. You no longer demand to go to a legal official for that. The nation authority has chosen to give the intensity of testimony to Talati for these administrations. 3500 towns are to be put on this stage, however 2700 towns have been incorporated due to by-political race work. Gujarat will be the main and first state in Quite a while to offer such support. 14000 gram panchayats will be eliminated. All gram panchayats will be secured by one year from now. This is an all out venture of Rs 2,000 crore, in and that 90% of the expense is borne by the focal authority  , and 10% by the state authority   .

At the town level, Seva Setu was begun in the Panchayat itself 

The Chief Minister dispatched the 'Seva Setu' program in 2016 with a memorable choice to provider arranged advantages to the personal based on straightforwardness, authority  , affectability and progress of the four mainstays of good administration with a public -situated methodology and the average person at the middle.   

A group of officials goes to a bunch of 8 to 10 towns on a fixed day 

The Chief Minister has made a bunch of 8 to 10 towns in the  this administration an  connect program.    
Examination of One Day Governance in  the Gujarat 

Home administrations have been given to 2 crore human residents under the course of the Chief Minister by sorting out in excess of 12800 such assistance connect stages over the state. The Gujarat test of this One Day authority  is turning into an astounding and commendable model in the public intrigue administration venture the nation over.   

At the hour of making this declaration, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has guaranteed that the least defilement is in Gujarat. He said that while Gujarat has a weapon like computerized administration scaffold to lessen defilement, debasement will be diminished in the coming days          

In far off nation territories of the state, it has been select to begin a creative test of computerized administration connect in the state utilizing current innovation so the public intrigue administrations of different divisions of the legislature are accessible from the town level to the gram panchayat itself. Country residents don't need to race to the taluka-area base camp for everyday administrations or authentications, for instance, time and full circle vehicle rental expenses are spared just as an assortment of administrations at the essential stage with costs that don't turn out badly. It has been chosen to 

start in 2 thousand gram panchayats from next fifth October by covering Sevasetu. It is chosen to cover in excess of 6000 gram panchayats in this advanced support connect by December 2020. 

The most significant thing in the computerized  an administration connect is that  associations will be provider between optical fiber organization so fast web of 100 MBPS is effectively accessible in the towns of the nation .    

Up until now, 42 km panchayats of 27 locale have been secured by 31 km underground optical fiber organization.  
Not just that, each gram panchayat is associated with the state server farm. Along these lines, the imaginative idea of making the towns of Gujarat a small  an scale secretariat has been embraced in this advanced help connect.   

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, administrations like enlistment, enlistment or revision or getting copy apportion card, salary evidance , senior resident sample , criminal authentication, rank testament just from the administration focus of gram panchayat administration from gram panchayat office. You will be  get an ostensible expense of Rs.   


આ સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

It has  the likewise settled on an extreme select that country residents to  don't demand to go to the taluka level or town public accountant in the town for sworn statements for such examples.    


Gujarat Government Yojna Whatsapp Helpdesk no 0261 2300000

Gujarat Government  Yojna Whatsapp Helpdesk no 0261 2300000

An exceptional activity has been taken by BJP's Technosevi district president CR Patil. Residents of the state will currently have the option to effortlessly get to data on different government plans from home through the WhatsApp helpdesk. Recently, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani initiated the WhatsApp Helpdesk under the direction of BJP state president CR Patil to make all the plans of the administration available to the majority. 

Step by step instructions to get plan data

Citizen's will habe to save '0261 2300000' numbers in their mobiel and send 'hi' messages.

This will be trailed by a message, the answer to which will accompany a rundown number of plans by composing '0' (zero). 

Residents will be educated about the plan recorded as a hard copy by sending the quantity of the plan with the goal that the total data of the plan will get through the message. 

Subsequently, this WhatsApp helpdesk has been ready to make all the plans of the Gujarat government available to the majority. Hence, complete data about government plans will be effectively accessible to the residents.


It is to be referenced that numerous individuals of Gujarat don't know about the public government assistance plans executed by the administration. Endless individuals are denied of this advantage. The activity has been taken to guarantee that an ever increasing number of individuals in Gujarat exploit this and get total data about the plan at a tick.

PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi scheme money will have to returned

PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi scheme money will have to returned

PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi plot cash should be returned 

The administration has made significant strides with respect to the PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana. On the off chance that the fake rancher has profited, the cash should be returned. The focal government will charge one rupee each 

The focal government is making a rundown of fake ranchers 

Along these lines, the legislature is leading an examination on false ranchers in all the conditions of the nation. The focal government is making a rundown of sham ranchers. In which fake ranchers were oftentimes presented in PMO. Following which this move has been made. A rundown of individuals who have nothing to do with cultivating is being readied. 

In the event that cash has come into the records of such individuals, it will be pulled back right away. Up until this point, the focal government has gathered Rs 61 crore. Out of 5.95 lakh recipients in Tamil Nadu, 5.38 lakh ranchers have gotten sham. Subsequently the legislature has directed examinations concerning false ranchers in all the conditions of the nation. 

PM Kishan Sanman Nidhi Yojana 

Ordinarily we yet home/level. 

Plot or development/remodel we bring home advance. 

Your home advance relies upon the limit of An individual. It just relies upon the limit of An individual who top off structure. It just relies upon the farmar salary, use of all your home use and request barely any things. 

advance taken.

Important link...

સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

Bank check outs these things first after then As your pay is more the top off ment of your advance will be Montly 

Ordinarily home advance opportune organizations or banks first seema that can An individual compensation the half of the pay montly. It relies upon the level of home credit taken. 

The individuals who are occupied with business other than cultivating won't get the advantage of this plan and on the off chance that they have taken it they will be charged one rupee

Mukhyamantri Amrutam (MA) Vatsalya Yojana Details And Apply

Mukhyamantri Amrutam (MA) Vatsalya Yojana Details And Apply

The Government of Gujarat has dispatched Mukhyamantri Amrutam (MA) Vatsalya Yojana to give free quality medical care to the helpless families in Gujarat. The plan is principally implied for the Below Poverty Lines (BPL), Lower Income Group (LIG) and Lower Middle Class (LMC) families in the state. The plan was initially dispatched on fourth September 2012 and afterward overhauled in 2014. As of late in 2017 the LMC is remembered for the plan. 

For individuals who are living underneath neediness line and lower pay gathering, a sickness not just speaks to a perpetual danger to their salary and procuring limit, however much of the time it brings about the family falling into a snare of obligation. At the point when need to get treatment emerges for a helpless family they regularly overlook it as a result of absence of assets, dreading loss of wages, or they hold up till the last second when it is past the point of no return. Wellbeing and destitution are intertwined. These families are driven into a horrible obligation destitution cycle because of unnecessary consumptions emerging out of cataclysmic wellbeing stuns.

To address this key weakness looked by the BPL populace in the Gujarat, Mukhyamantri Amrutam "Mama" Yojana was dispatched on fourth September, 2012 by Government of Gujarat. 

When in the Lower working class families, basic disease happen and when such families are excluded from the meaning of BPL so they can't get free treatment, and they can't go through cash for basic ailment. In this way, Based on input from different partners, the Scheme was stretched out to groups of lower salary bunch names as Mukhyamantri Amrutam Vatsalya Yojana in August 2014. 

MAA Card Hospital List Gujarat 

MAA Card Hospital List Gujarati 

mukhyamantri amrutam vatsalya yojana emergency clinic list gujarat 

Highlights of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana 

A portion of the prominent highlights of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana can be given as follows: 

This plan offers an entirety guaranteed measure of Rs.3 lakh on a floater premise 

Five individuals from a family can profit the advantages under the plan. 

There is no expense caused by recipients as this is a 100% government subsidized plan. 

A brisk reaction coded card (QR coded card) is given to families that benefit inclusion under this plan. 

Since this isn't a protection strategy, there are no middle people engaged with the inclusion process.The state government moves the advantage sum through RTGS. 

Complete credit only inclusion can be gotten under this plan as the administration bears all expenses including treatment costs, subsequent interview, drugs, and transportation and so forth. 

The case is chosen a paperless premise to make the case settlement quicker. 

The organization emergency clinics empanelled under this plan incorporate private clinics, government clinics, and independent dialysis habitats. 

There is no particular time period for recipient enlistment, and individuals can pursue this spread whenever of the year. 

Community Center stands and Taluka booths have been set up for the recipients so they can select themselves or make any increments or erasures under the plan. 

Super wellbeing camps and General Health camps are set up by open and private empanelled medical clinics


Dinakar yojana for farmer 2020

Dinakar yojana for farmer 2020

The administration has decreased as far as possible from 10 hectares to five hectares in an arrangement to raise spiked metal perimeters around the ranch to shield the yield from animals like pigs and roses. 

This change will assist the removal of ranchers' applications. Tending to a program under the Seven Steps Farmers Welfare Scheme on Saturday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said the buy at help costs would proceed till the last seed of the rancher this year too. 

Boss Minister Rupani had started three additional plans in seven stages rancher government assistance, saying that the rule of doing information disclosed was to execute the declarations of plans made in the financial plan right away. Tending to a program composed by Deputy Chief Minister, Cabinet individuals and office conveyors at region taluka level through video gathering, Chief Minister Rupani said that prior help has been given. From that point onward, for dairy animals based cultivating, Rs. 300 for every dairy animals every month, after three cool advances, three additional means are beginning from Saturday. In which we will give free umbrellas to the little merchants who win by selling retail vegetables and natural products with the goal that the vegetables and organic products don't ruin. Umbrellas worth Rs 10 crore will be dispersed liberated from cost to 50,000 peddlers with the goal that vegetables and organic products don't get sun or downpour. 

expansion to diminishing the quantity of groups in the security barrier plan to ensure standing yields in the fields, the legislature has likewise expanded the measure of appropriation from Rs 150 to Rs 200.

Important like

Click here read Gujarati

Online form bharva mate : 

click here

In this program, the Chief Minister had a discourse with the ranchers in regards to the Rs.500 crore croploss help bundle reported in the Legislative Assembly and the alterations made in the APMC Act.

Download Top 10 educational app for stdents 2020 Useful to all student and perents

Download Top 10 instructive application for stdents 2020 ;hi companions here we give you top 10 instructive application for understudies please download and make simple training to your understudies:

Top 10 educational app for students. 

1. Gujarati kids Learning App 

Gujarati Kids App is a method of learning Gujarati for children or first time students. 

This application shows different area like Gujarati Mulakshar, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English months, Week days in Gujarati, Gujarati Barakhadi, Gujarati numbers, Shapes and Color in Gujarati, Birds, Animals, Directions, Games for kids. 

The image/words having sounds to know how to pronouns. 

It likewise causes students to work on composing on it by following the letter. 

There is fun games for children to distinguish the photos/words likewise memory games for kids 

- Gujarati learning applications. 

- Gujarati kids instructive applications 

- Gujarati letter set.


2. Shala Mitra – Study Material for GSEB 

'School Mitr' encourages you to rehearse and deal with your everyday learning. This application is created according to Gujarat Government Primary Schools Curriculum, notwithstanding, this application isn't subsidiary with GSEB in any capacity. 


– GSEB/GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications) 

– New 2020 NCERT (GCERT) Books 

– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) and Rules 

– Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12 

– MCQ For STD 5 to 12 

– Exercise Solution 

– MCQ Provided according to Curriculum 

– Old Question Paper 

– Essay Section 

– Bal Vibhag (Child Section) 

– Balshrushti Section 

– Material Design 

– Easy To Navigate 

– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati 

– Videos For Audio Visual Learning 

– Download Text Books Offline 

Course readings accessible for all significant subjects like underneath. 

– Science 

– Maths 

– Biology + Practical 

– Physics + Practical 

– Chemistry + Practical 

– Following books are additionally given 

Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science just as other, for example, Sangeet, Yoga, Computer, Tabla, Jiv vigyan (Biology), Bhautik Shastra (Physics), Rasayan Shastra (Chemistry), Rajyashastra and so on… 

Material for eleventh and twelfth Arts, Commerce and Science are additionally given. 

This Gujarati medium examination application encourages you to make progress.


3.Kids All in One Gujarati 

Children All in One Gujarati App is one bundle that encourages your children to improve their Nursery information in a visual manner to learn and recollect different significant fundamental components about their school course or subjects in the Gujarati Language. 

Different classes remembered for App, for example, English and Gujarati Alphabets, Puzzles, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Flowers, Numbers, Birds, Months, Week Days, Transportation, Directions, Body Parts, Sports, Festivals, Countries and some more. Children All in One Gujarati App has recently changed the gaining from the study hall to the home. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati is very straightforward and simple to utilize. Have your youngster swipe pictures around the screen to see and hear the name articulated. The astonishing designs, lovely hues, incredible activity, and magnificent mood melodies make the ongoing interaction captivating and the children curious to learn. 

Guardians can likewise invest energy with their youngsters, realize English words for every class name and furthermore keep your infant occupied with training and amusement. We truly trust that guardians won't be envious as we didn't have this kind of fun learning and we needed to experience exhausting books as it were. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati App to play and practice with basic expansion, deduction, increase, and division. Presently download and play for nothing on android! Improve child's arithmetic abilities or pick up checking numbers. The games are so straightforward and simple even the most youthful children can play it 

The App has the most additional thing is Paint is for babies to play around with a paintbrush. Painting for kids is continually fascinating to play, they can paint and change hues a few times. With drawings and painting kindergarten can make their own reality. 

The paint will improve your youngster's inventiveness with the beautiful universe of drawings. Shading Paint has 20+ Stickers for the artwork to make drawing more excellent like your little children. 

In-App has a Real compass to learn heading. Compass for Direction gives you the headings of North, East, West, and South. It is exceptionally simple to utilize. 

A Kid All in One Gujarati has three unique riddles Image Move, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Tic Tac Toe. Picture Move the work of art, square and roundabout formed pieces to make puzzles with brilliant drawings and bits of various sizes and shapes. Jigsaw pays attention to learning with a determination of drag and drops object puzzles planned particularly for youngsters. The Tic Tac Toe game is a game for two players, who alternate denoting the spaces in a 3×3 framework. The player who prevailing with regards to setting three particular imprints in a flat, vertical, or askew column dominates the match. 

Key Features 

• Gujarati learning applications. 

• Gujarati kids instructive applications 

• Has a differed scope of instructive classes in a solitary application 

• Attractive and bright plans and pictures for kids 

• Kids figure out how to distinguish objects by their names 

• Professional way to express words for youngster's right learning 

• Days of the week for kids free 

• Educational games for kindergarten 

• Logical applications for little children 

• Sounds of letters 

• Entertain game and applications for preschoolers 

• Shapes and hues 

• Letters and numbers 

• Talking letters in order 

• Education puzzle 

• Human body parts for training 

• Baby learn genuine Gujarati words 

• Help guardians show their children 

• Train memory 

• Improve articulation 

• Your kid can explore it effectively without anyone else 

• Ability to quiet the sound when required 

• Simple swiping to move between various items 

• Nice livelinesss 

• The game is adjusted to be taken care of without any problem 

• Your little child will learn a lot quicker with this extraordinary application! 

• Offline access permits you to play 

• Tablet Supported 

• Jigsaw Puzzles 

• Tic Tac Toe 

• Image Move 

• Smart Compass


4.Easy Gujarati Learning For Kids 

Gujarati Kids App is a method of learning Gujarati for children or first time students. 

This application shows different segment like Gujarati Mulakshar, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English months, Week days in Gujarati, Gujarati Barakhadi, Shapes and Color in for kids. 

The image/words having sounds to know how to pronouns. 

It likewise causes students to work on composing on it by following the letter.

5.Gujarati Kids Learning | गुजराती किड्स अँप 

Best application for Gujarati kids. Presently your child master everything with this application. Gujarati Pathshala For Kids, is the keen application for Gujarati kids, the best learning answer for Gujarati kids. 

Fun method of learning Gujarati .If your preschool kids don't have the foggiest idea about the Gujarati then this is the ideal application for your children. 

This application uncommonly for nursery kids.You can adapt bunches of things through this Gujarati kids application like Gujarati Alphabet Tracing, Mathematics numbers, Fruits, Animals, Vegetables, Birds names, Colors, Shapes.Kids love following. Children love painting. This is a simple path with which they would self be able to gain proficiency with the Gujarati Alphabets. The best Gujarati letter sets following for Gujrati kids.App present all different significant classes 

– Gujarati Barakhadi 

– Gujarati Varnamala 

– Numbers in Gujarati 

– Colors in Gujarati 

– Shapes in Gujarati 

– Animals in Gujarati 

– Birds in Gujarati 

– Flowers in Gujarati 

– Fruits in Gujarati 

– Vehicles in Gujrati 

– Sports in Gujrati 

– Professions in Gujrati 

– Body parts in Gujrati 

– Electronics in Gujrati 

– Dangerous things for kids in Gujrati 

– School things in Gujrati 

– Vegetables in Gujarati 

– Good Habits in Gujarati 

– Worship of Lord Ganpati, Poojapat in Gujarati 

* Gujarati Kids App lets you take practice meeting alongside score n accomplishments. This will give you the subtleties of your children development. 

* Gujarati Kids App have the love area, since it's significant for unwinding, reflection, self discipline improvement and fixation. 

* It additionally helps Gujrati kids practice Gujarati barakhadi and varnamala composing on their by following each letter. 

* Good Habit segment will show your children how to keep up great way and order, it additionally shows contrast between great and negative behavior patterns graphically, it's such a great amount of straightforward and handle for your children. 

As is commonly said, one picture is equivalent to thousand words, we have put more accentuation on encouraging great propensities to gujarati kids through pictures. 

Great propensity like – brush your teeth ordinary, scrub down regular are shown utilizing pictures. 

One picture portrays what occurs in the event that you follow those propensities, another shows what may occur in the event that you don't follow them. Pictures have more impact than simple words, so kids are bound to follow these great propensities. 

Gujarati Kids App each classification isolated into 3 primary area which is Introduction, Practice and Score. 

So now its extremely simple to learn and rehearse the fundamental gujarati .

Download Gujarati Kids App today

6. Education transmitted disease 10 GUJARATI MEDIUM 

Gujarat Board test Subject based MCQ Test all subject including Social Science MCQ, Science and Technology MCQ Test, Sanskrit MCQ Test, Hindi MCQ Test, Gujarati MCQ, Computer Subject MCQ Test and Mathematics MCQ Test. 

Results: In this segment you can check your Gujarat Board GSEB SSC Result. 

Books: GSEB Gujarat Board all subject book you can peruse online just as you can likewise download it in PDF document design. 

GSEB Gujarat Board all subject old inquiry paper with arrangements are included

Downloaad from Here

7. EduSafar 

Welcome to EduSafar Family. 

EduSafar is outstanding amongst other Educational App which gives customary updates on instructive exercises like test, test, test. 

You can utilize this application in Gujarati with on the web and disconnected. At the point when you open this application first time then you need the web association and after then you can utilize each message without a web association. 

For Education, this is the first since forever Gujarati language applications where you can get familiar with all underneath themes/subjects messages and data without any problem. 

For each theme, we post or updates significant data day by day. so please download our application and get day by day new messages or significant data identified with your training. 

So, our point is that understudies of Gujarat get meet all requirements for different serious tests. 

We likewise give day by day free internet figuring out how to practically all subjects for serious tests just as uncommon current undertakings on our YouTube channel. 

**** NEW FEATURE **** 

Tests: We will give diverse test day by day essential like current undertaking test, general information test, other serious test related tests. 


* Edu Update: In this menu, we give day by day instructive updates and messages. 

* Jobs: In this menu, you will be advised right away when there are any administration occupations declared. 

* (GK in Gujarati): For General Knowledge, we post Daily Current Affairs, Vyakaran and Samiksha. 

* Today: To propel you, we post quotes(Suvichar) each morning. We additionally give "On This Day" (Din Vishesh) and Joks in this part. 

* Technology: We spread themes like Computer, Useful Websites, Apps, Videos, Technology and Mobile related news for you. 

* Primary (Prathmik): For Primary Teachers, we post Math, Science and Technology and Social Science themes or messages. 

* Secondary (Madhymik): For Secondary Teachers, we post Math, Science and Technology and Social Science themes or messages. 

* Video: You can discover numerous valuable recordings for your serious test readiness like thinking, Gujarati, Geography, India's Constitution, Science, Technology, CCC, and so on. 

* Ask Question: You can ask or share your insight to EduSafar people group. 

* PariPatro: On this segment, we post new/most recent circulars(Paripatro) of Primary Education. 

* CCC Exam: Providing free material to handle CCC test effectively utilizing our Videos, PDFs, eBooks and Posts. 

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* About applications: We will present significant updates related on the application or its highlights and certainly will wish you at each celebration. Likewise, you can give your proposals for our application. 

* My Favorites: If you like any updates or messages in any classification, at that point you can bookmark it for effectively access from this menu.

8.Gujarati Vyakran (Gujarati Grammar) 

Gujarati Vyakran (Gujarati Grammar) 

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IPC (Indian Penal Code) 


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9.Learning Delight 

Learning Delight application gives the Gujarat State Board content for sexually transmitted disease. 1 to 8. The substance is as activitys, recordings, sound and text to all the more likely encourage the learning experience of the kid. 

Highlights : 

Content – The substance is planned by the schedule endorsed by the Gujarat State Education Board. It has subjects like Mathematics, Science and so forth. 

Test area – The test segments for principles 6 to 8 empower the kid to take MCQ quizes for every part and contain a huge informational collection of inquiries. Each time another inquiry paper is created from the equivalent. 

Results – For each test taken, we give an inside and out outcome investigation alongside near examination of a similar inquiry replied by different clients.

10.Urja Learning App 

Urja is a progressive learning application that helps tenth, eleventh and twelfth Science understudies from Gujarat Board to get ready for their board and serious tests viably. The application offers total learning programs for eleventh and twelfth science Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and tenth Math and Science through top notch master video talks and MCQ-based inquiries and their answers. 

Urja is the main application that gives total learning programs in Gujarati language, tending to the need of understudies who want to learn in local language. Our video talks and question banks are uncommonly evolved through joint efforts with master educators in their fields, guaranteeing great instruction for understudies in a more intelligent manner. 

The application's interface and the highlights are intended to make learning fun and keen. 

Key App Features: 

Video Lectures: Each subject comprise part insightful recordings to assist understudies with getting a handle on the ideas rapidly. The recordings are recorded by probably the best instructors in the nation to ensure learning stays successful for all. 

Peruse: The Read module is intended for understudies who wish to experience all arrangement of potential inquiries for every part in the subject and decide their answers. This part helps in increasing more information about potential inquiries posed in tests and get ready for it completely. 

Practice: With Practice module, understudies can begin testing their insight by responding to inquiries for every section in the subject. They can check the right answer for each off-base question and improve their aptitudes further.
Disclaimer : 

All instructive application is best in google play. we discovered top 10 application for understudies we found those which are placed above… ..

Monday, October 5, 2020

Now you can call even without network, find out what is this service

Now you can call even without network, find out what is this service

Reliance Jio is coming up with a special service under which phone calls can be made even if there is no network.
You can make calls from your phone even if your phone does not have a network.  Reliance Jio is coming up with a special service under which phone calls can be made even if there is no network.
The company is offering a special service called Geo WiFi Calling.  

Which will allow you to make calls.  The company aims to promote calling in places where there are no networks, such as villages or inland areas where there are no networks.

What is wifi calling service
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Self-sufficient India: Google Play Store and Apple Store to compete with Desi Play Store
Google will launch Pixel 4a 5G phone in India on October 17, find out what the price and features will be ....

Get the best customer support, good connectivity and fast data in Airtel's Platinum Experience, even a free subscription to Amazon Prime, and much more.

Apple to launch iPhone 12 series on October 13, details of smallest iPhone model leaked
Under this service you can make and receive calls without network.  You do not have to pay extra for this, you just need a current voice plan and an HD voice compatible device.

Reliance Jio has kept this service absolutely free.  Customers will be able to make Geo Wi-Fi calling over Wi-Fi networks.  It features the ability to switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi services for a voice or video calling experience.

Enable service this way

સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

To use WiFi calling in your phone, you must first connect to an active WiFi network.  Geo did not limit service to a single network, meaning that any available WiFi network could be used.  You can take advantage of Geo WiFi calling by using any WiFi from your location.




(Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar - Secondary) 

Gujarat Press List In the situation of COVID-19, the State Government has decided to reduce the curriculum from Std-9 to 12 in the interest of the students. 

 In the present situation of COVID-12 in the place of Hon'ble Minister of Education, for consideration regarding reduction of educational working days and curriculum in schools for the academic year 2020-21 in the presence of Education Department officials at Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Meetings were held on / 3050 and 11/03/2050. A meeting was held at STTI, Gandhinagar on 9/09/2050 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Minister of Education to consider this matter. In which academics as well as experts and officials of different disciplines were present. Due to the situation of Kovid-12 in the above meetings, real educational work could not be done in the schools but the work of imparting education to the students through online education has been done through different mediums. In the current situation, the curriculum has been reduced by CBSE as well as other state boards as well as representations have been received from students and parents to reduce the curriculum. Considering the overall situation in depth, in the current situation of COVID-19, in the interest of the students, the recognition of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education by the State Government. 

A decision has been taken to reduce the curriculum in Std. 9 to 12 by an estimated 50% for the academic year 2020-21 in all schools.  So that the stress of the students can be reduced and the students of Std. 10 and 12 can prepare well for the board exams. 

 The subjects reduced from the syllabus of Std-9 to 12 have been reduced for the purpose of examination i.e. those subjects have been canceled from the syllabus.  The questions will not be asked in the exam, but in the academic interest of the students, the teachers will have to impart the knowledge of these issues to the students.  This will be applicable only for the academic year 2020-21.  

While reducing the syllabus, care has been taken to ensure that the link chapters do not delete the topic and the students do not face any difficulty in the competitive examination.  A detailed circular in this regard will be issued by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  In which the details of the ongoing chapters / issues in the syllabus of Std-9 to 12 subjects as well as the chapters / issues canceled from the syllabus will be sent to all the schools accredited by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board through all the District Education Officers.  These details will also be placed on the board’s website.  D Joint Director Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar. 
A decision that relieves students
When the syllabus of standard 9 to 12 has been reduced, the questions covering the issues of the reduced syllabus will not be asked in the examination. However its teaching teachers have to pay attention to the academic interest of the students. Special care has been taken to ensure that the students do not face any difficulty in the competitive examination due to the reduced syllabus.

To be taken in the month of May. 10th and 12th exams. 

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama announced that a 30 per cent cut in the curriculum has been made in the interest of students. Students now focus on 70 percent of the curriculum. In the midst of the Corona epidemic, Std. To conduct 10th and 12th examinations in the month of May and Std. 9 and std. The 11th exam is scheduled to be held in June. May 21 std. 10th and 12th exams will be started.



 According to para-1 of MHA request no. 40-3/2020 - DM-(A) dated 30.09.2020 for resuming, States/UT Governments may take a choice in regard of returning of schools and instructing organizations after 15.10.2020 in an evaluated way in interview with the individual schools/foundations the board and dependent on nearby circumstance. Part I alludes to the wellbeing and security angles for resuming schools. These depend on the predominant directions of Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as to wellbeing and security conventions, and perhaps actualized by embracing/adjusting as per the nearby circumstance in all states/UTS.

1. Mastermind and actualize for intensive cleaning and purifying, everything being equal, furnishings, gear, writing material, stockpiling places, water tanks, kitchens, bottle, washrooms, labs, libraries, and so on school grounds and guarantee wind stream in indoor space. 
2. Schools to frame Task Teams, for example, Emergency Care Support/Response Team, General Support Team for all partners, Commodity Support Team, Hygiene Inspection Team, and so on with reserved duties will be useful. 
3. Schools might be urged to make their own SOPs dependent on the rules gave by States/UTs for the accompanying, keeping in see the security and physical/social removing standards, and guaranteeing that the notification/banners/messages/correspondence to guardians in such manner is conspicuously shown/dispersed. 
4. Physical removing/social separating to be guaranteed while arranging the seating plan, capacities and occasions to be abstained from, faltering of passage and ways out timings and purposes of schools, staggered time tables. 

5. All understudies and staff to show up at school wearing a face spread/cover and keep wearing everything through, particularly when in class, or doing any movement in gatherings, for example, eating in the wreck, working in research centers or perusing in the libraries. 
6. Show Signages and markings for implementing physical/social separating and security conventions at satisfactory spots. States/UTs should take the agree to guardians/gatekeepers before their youngster/ward starts

instructional burden , schedules , evaluation , and so on. These are warning in nature . States and UTs may utilize these in the way regarded fit to set up their own rules 

1. Making a far reaching Alternative Calendar of Activities for the Whole Year with center around learning results . Scholarly schedule might be realigned for the entire year as per the rising circumstance . Extensive scholastic arrangement can be set up according to the rules got from the concerned Directorate of Education . This arrangement may follow rules of Alternative Academic Calendar arranged by the NCERT . 
2. Reintegration of understudies into school might be taken on need subsequent to resuming 

3. Educators must clean their abilities for coordinating ICT in class beyond what many would consider possible . Preparing modules might be ready for the equivalent . 
4. Youngsters can likewise be sharpened about the pandemic by incorporating different ideas into the educating of different branches of knowledge, for example, EVS , dialects , science and sociology , expressions .

5. Instructors must examine with the understudies the reasonable guide of the educational program , the methods of figuring out how to be received ( through vis-à-vis guidance/singular tasks or portfolios/gathering - based venture work/bunch introductions , and so on ) to be secured , an opportunity to be taken for the equivalent , dates of school based evaluations , breaks , and so on. 

6. Zero in on the most weak understudies ( destitute/moved understudies , understudies with handicaps , and understudies straightforwardly influenced by Covid - 19 through a family passing or hospitalization ) to organize their requirements . 
7. Unique utilization of instructing assets will must be depended after keeping physical/social removing and other security standards as a main priority . Assets could incorporate friend educating and learning , utilization of exercise manuals and worksheets , utilization of innovation - based assets in class , engaging guardians/grandparents/more seasoned kin to instruct , utilizing the administrations of volunteers from the network , and so forth. 
8. PRAGYATA Guidelines on advanced and online instruction can be utilized to arrange instructors and understudies in such manner . On the off chance that the State/UT has Energized Textbooks , advise understudies and guardians how to download the e - content behind the QR on DIKSHA , codes and utilize the equivalent in disconnected mode , consequently . 9. Instructors , guardians , and heads need to zero in on developmental