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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WhatsApp Emoji Reactions: How you can react to messages on WhatsApp?

 Whats App Emoji Reactions: How you can react to messages on Whats App?

Whats App Reaction Feature: Whats App finally rolled out the reply quality , and that is as well as the most-awaited quality . The change is as well as not surprising as the company right now revealed a list of new quality that it was planning to release. even so , along with the reply quality being available on Whats-app, the company has as well as released a quality to change or delete your emoji reply from your messages on Whats App.

Earlier in April 2022, Whats App had declarer that many new quality will be rolling out on the app involve the Communities quality along with the support for more public in a Whats App Voice Call.

Whats-app has as well as been preparing to bring a quality that will be allow users all around the world to supply a fast reply to the Whats App Status Updates.

The change on Whats App is expected behind a new quality was just now introduced on the photo-sharing Instagram, where the users can react with fast emojis. Reportedly, while Whats App is working on a fast to react with emojis on the messages, it is as well as fast reply on status.

The news was explain by Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg via his Facebook Account.

Whats App Reactions: What will be different?

Whats App has rolled out a reactions quality . Initially, the users will be able to respond to a message just through six emoji reactions and that will be involve laugh, love, surprise, thanks, and sad. thus , there are chances that the users will be able to get to use all the emojis in the future.

The fast reply quality will be work by long-pressing any particular chat, then the user can choice the emoji as per the theme of the message and react at once .

Whats App Emoji Reaction Feature: How to get it?

Whats App has rolled out the emoji reply quality for messages for all over , involve both iOS and clone users. thus , it is possible that you may have not gotten the quality yet as it is being rolled out in batches.

If you are not able to access Whats App Emoji Reaction quality yet, it is advice to head over to Play Store or App Store and check if there is an update to hand on Whats App. If it is, update Whats App on your gadget .

Whats App Reactions Feature: How to use Whats App Reactions?

Step 1- User will be demand to open Whats App and open the chat where they will be like to use reply for any message.

Step 2- Now, just press and hold on the message collected and want to react to.

Step 3- User will be now see a pop-up that will be display the 6 emojis that they will be able to use to react to a personal message. Step 4- To send the emoji reply to the message, the user will be have to choice one of the 6 emojis in the pop-up menu.
Whats App Emoji Reaction: How to change or remove it from messages?

How to change Whats App emoji reaction:

Step 1- Long press on the message bubble that you have already proceed to.

Step 2- Now tap on a unlike emoji to change your emoji reply How to delete Whats App Emoji reply : Step 1- Long press on the message bubble that you have already reacted to
Step 2- Now tap on the emoji that you have proceed with, and it will be delete from the message.

West Nile Fever in Kerala: Health Dept on alert; Know symptoms, cause, effect of West Nile Fever

 West Nile Fever in Kerala: Health Dept on alert; Know symptoms, cause, effect of West Nile Fever

West Nile Fever Kerala: Kerala reported the death of a 47-year-old man because of West Nile Fever on May 29, 2022. The death has become the first fatality attributed to fitness Department on an alert. The victim was a native of Panancheri in the Thrissur district. West Nile Fever in Kerala had earlier claimed a life in 2019.

The fitness department of Kerala said that the victim who died of West Nile fever had growth a fever on May 17 and was treated at various hospitals. He was diagnosed with the West Nile Fever two days ago when he was admitted to the authority Medical College in Thrissur.

Reportedly, two public who accompanied the victim of West Nile Fever at the hospital had growth mark of the disease and their blood samples have been sent for the delving .

West Nile Fever Kerala: What preventive steps are taken to deal with West Nile Fever?

Kerala fitness Department said that the stop and precautionary measures have been taken in the region to deal with West Nile Fever. A dry day has as well as been declared to destroy the mosquito breeding sites in the residential areas.

Apart from it, more samples have as well as been collected to ascertain the spread of the fever. As per the fitness Department’s data, West Nile Fever can cause fatal neurological diseases in humans. thus , approx. 80 percent of those infected do not show any mark .

What is West Nile Fever?

As per the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, West Nile Fever is the leading cause of mosquito-borne diseases. So far, it has been detected in almost all kinds of mosquitoes and not just the common three- Cluex, Anopheles, and Aedes- but also in the lesser-known types such as Mansonia, Culiseta and Psorophora.

West Nile Fever occurs during the month of summer, unlike other mosquitoe-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya, and that occur all year round in India.

West Nile Fever and that is spread by the Culex species of mosquitoes had earlier claimed a life in Kerala in 2019.
How West Nile Fever spreads?

West Nile Fever in humans is most often the result of the bites from infected mosquitoes who become infected when they feed on infected birds. West Nile virus circulates in their blood or a few days eventually reaching the mosquito’s salivary glands.

Mosquito bites then convey the West Nile Virus to the humans and animals, where it can multiply and possibly causes illness.

What are the causes & effect of West Nile Fever?

The bite of an poison mosquito is the commonest mode of West Nile Fever infection in humans. The infection can as well as spread between the blood transfer , between exposure to the virus in laboratories or from an infected mother to her kinds .

West Nile Fever is not known to spread by contact with infected humans or animals, or even when the infected animal is ingested, supply that it has been cooked duly .

Unlike the other mosquito borne diseases, West Nile Virus does not cause method in everybody that contracts the virus. just one in five public growth the mark of West Nile and demand medication. One in 150 may go to growth a serious illness due to West Nile Fever or even die. thus , West Nile Fever is dreaded because of the effects it has on the brain and neurological system that are often irreversible.
West Nile Fever: What are the symptoms?

The mark of the West Nile Fever are the same as in any other viral fever, including headache, fever, weakness, etc. But West Nile Virus can as well as cause nervous method mark such as disorientation, stupor, tremors, convulsion, and loss of vision. Older public are more vulnerable to West Nile fever, as are those with the existing chronic state such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes.

West Nile fever: In what regions the infection is common?

West Nile Virus is normally found in the Middle East. Africa, West Asia, and North America. WHO documents that West Nile Fever was first isolated in a woman in the West Nile district of Uganda in 1937. The virus was place in the birds in the Nile delta region in 1953.

As per the World fitness Organisation, human poison attributable due to the West Nile Fever have been reported in many more nation in the world for over 50 years.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Cancer Drug Trial News: What do we know about a drug trial in which cancer disappeared in every patient?

Cancer Drug Trial News: What do we know about a drug trial in which cancer disappeared in every patient?

Cancer drug trial full remission: For the first time in history in what appears to be a miracle, a small clinical trial has found that every single rectal cancer patient who collected an test treatment locate that their cancer has vanished. Dr. Luis A. Diaz J. of cairn Sloan Kettering Cancer Center stated that this was the first time that something like this has happened in the history of cancer. 

evidently , the patients include in the cancer drug trial had receive remedy such as spared , chemotherapy, and invasive surgery that could result in urinary, bowel, and even sexual ail mate . The findings of the latest cancer drug trial have shocked the medical experts who pointed out that the total  repeal in every single patient is unheard off.   
It was a small trial, just 18 rectal cancer patients, every one of whom took the same drug.

Cancer Drug Trial Remission: What happened in cancer drug trial? 

As per the New York Times, in the small clinical trial and that was conducted by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 18 patients with rectal cancer took a drug called ‘Dostarlimab’ for around 6 months, and in the end, every one of them saw their tumors disappear. even so to the experts, this is the first time that something like this has happened in the history of cancer.

The 18 patients who were include in the cancer drug trial had undergone several treatments. They went into the cancer drug trial expecting to go across more method as the next step, thus , to their surprise no further treatment was demand . 

As per the doctors, all the 18 patients who took ‘Dostarlimab’ were all in similar stages of their cancer. Their cancer was locally advanced but had not spread to other organs.

Rectal Cancer Drug Trial: What do we know about the drug ‘Dostarlimab’?

According to the experts, ‘Dostarlimab’ is a drug with laboratory-produced molecules. The drug acts as substitute for antibodies in the human body. 

As the rectal cancer is undetectable by the physical exam including endoscopy, PET Scans or MRI scans, the successful work of Dostarlimab has proven that it can be a potential cure for one of the most deadly common cancer known. 

Cancer Drug Trial breakthrough: Significance

At the time of the report on the successful rectal cancer drug trial, no patient collected chemo radiotherapy or go thought surgery, and no cases of progression or recurrence were reported during the follow-up. The cancer researchers who analysis the drug informed that the treatment on drugs looks promising, even so , a large-scale trial is demand . 

The successful cancer drug trial has as well as  turned important as the patients who were included in it did not suffer any important  issue  . 

What is Rectal Cancer?

Colorectal Cancer and that is as well as known as colon cancer, bowel cancer or rectal cancer is the growth of cancer from the colon or rectum. The signs and the mark of rectal cancer may include blood in the stool, weight loss, exchange in bowel movements, and fatigue.   

Most colorectal cancers are because of old age and lifestyle factors, with just  a small digit of cases due to the prime genetic disorders.  

Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer: Why Microsoft has decided to shut down web browser after 27 years?

 Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer: Why Microsoft has decided to shut down web browser after 27 years?

Internet Explorer Download: Microsoft has last decided to retire the internet explorer behind 27 years. The web browser was first begin in 1995 as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95 that year. Later versions of Internet rover were to hand for free log in , or in kindness packs and were included in the original tools making (OEM) kindness releases of Windows 95 and later many of Windows.

While informing about Microsoft shutting down Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Program Manager Sean Lyndersay said that the Internet Explorer 11 desktop will be retired and go out of support on June 15, for making versions of Windows 10.

The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge—the Internet Explorer 11 desktop request will be retired on June 15, 2022
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Why Microsoft has decided to retire Internet Explorer?

evidently , Internet Explorer reached its peak in 2003 with around 95 per cent usage share. even so , with the release of the new browsers from other cor rival , the user base of internet explorer fell further in the years that followed.

Microsoft 365 ended the help for Internet rambler on August 17, 2021, and Microsoft teams ended the help for IE on November 30, 2020. Internet rambler is all set for ending on June 15, 2022.

Microsoft retires Internet Explorer: What will be the future of web browser?

Microsoft Edge Program Manager Sean Lyndersay said that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge.

He added that Microsoft 10 is not just faster, but it is a more secure, and more modern
browsing affairs than the internet explorer. It is as well as able to address a key
concern: united for older, legacy
database and request .

Microsoft Edge has Internet Explorer: Why is it significant?

Microsoft Edge has Internet Explorer mode (IE Mode) built-in, so the buyer can access those legacy Internet Explorer-based database and request straight from the Microsoft Edge.

With Microsoft Edge fully capable of assuming this duty and more, the Internet Explorer 11 desktop request will be retire and will be go out of help on June 15.
Internet Explorer

Those who had computers at home, school, and offices in the 1990s and the early 2000s, will be have such fond memories of the Internet Explorer.

For millions around the world, Internet Explorer had served as the first gateway to the World Wide Web. It was the just way of accessing the well liked browsers of today that we are all used to. even so , since Internet Explorer is a Windows Component and is included in long-term lifecycle versions of Windows such as Windows Server 2019, the web browser will be carry to collected the safety latest until at least 2029.

Gennova mRNA Vaccine: India's first mRNA vaccine gets emergency use approval- What is mRNA vaccine?

 Gennova mRNA Vaccine: India's first mRNA vaccine gets emergency use approval- What is mRNA vaccine?

Gennova mrna-based vaccine: India's first mRNA vaccine GEMCOVAC-19 has got emergency use authorization. The Drugs button General of India (DCGI) gave its go before to the two-dose mrna-based covid vaccine in India growth by Pune-based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals on June 28, 2022 for restricted use in emergency state for all adults aged more than 18 years.

The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) had recommended emergency use assent for India's first mRNA vaccine during a meeting on June 24. The committee made the advice after finding the data defer by Gennova Biopharmaceuticals as "satisfactory". Gennova had defer the trial data of its COVID-19 vaccine in April and then defer additional data in May.

It is the first mRNA vaccine that remains stable during storage even at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Other mRNA vaccines require to be stored at sub-zero temperatures. Gennova mRNA-based Vaccine: 5 Key Facts

1. The Gennova mRNA-based vaccine, GEMCOVAC-19, is India's first homegrown mRNA COVID- 19 vaccine.

2. Gennova has manage phase two and three trials of the vaccine inculcated 4,000 member to evaluate the vaccine’s safety, immunogenicity and tolerability.

3. Gennova had submitted interim data on the indegenously-growth mrna-based vaccine to DGCA in April. 4. The Central Drugs Standard Control operation had sent some more queries to the agency and additional data was submitted in May.
5. The Indian version of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine aims to made mRNA-based vaccine budget and ready .

Why is Gennova mRNA vaccine being called a game changer?

Most other mRNA vaccines have to be stored at sub-zero temperatures, while this mRNA vaccine can be stored between 2 and 8 degree celsius. This means that the mrna-based vaccine can be stored in a level medical cooler as well. This will be enable rollout of the vaccine simple in India and hence is being seen as a as a game-exchange for the fitness industry in the nation .

What is mRNA vaccine?

mRNA is short for messenger RNA, a type of RNA found in cells that is used for the making of proteins. The mRNA vaccine teach our cells how to make a protein that will be trigger an immune response inside our bodies.

The mRNA vaccines protect us from infectious diseases by activating cells to fight against invading virus. The immune response leads to the making of antibodies that are demand to fight the foreign virus by targeting that particular piece of protein.
How do mrna-based vaccines work?

The mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines send instructions to the cells to making a piece of protein known as spike protein, the same as the one found studded on the surface of the novel coronavirus. These proteins have been engineered to stop them from replicating.

Which are other mRNA COVID vaccines?

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are both mRNA an vaccines.


The Indian authority had started its nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme on January 16, 2021. The centre was supply the COVID-19 vaccines free of cost to the states and UTs to enable vaccination of all.

The Covid-19 vaccination for kinds between 12-14 years of age began on March 16, 2022. The kinds are being administered Corbevax COVID-19 vaccine making by Hyderabad-based Biological E.

The centre also began administering the COVID-19 safety dose to all those aged more than 60 years from the same day. Now, the COVID-19 safety dose is to hand for all age category , nine months behind the second dose.

Friday, August 12, 2022

What is YouTube Billion Views Club? Psy's Gangnam Style first video to cross Billion Views

What is YouTube Billion Views Club? Psy's Gangnam Style first video to cross Billion Views

YouTube Billion Views Club: YouTube’s Billion Views Club is an elite category contain of videos that have cross a billion views. just a handful of artists have managed to cross one billion look out on YouTube since the begin the stage on February 14, 2005.

The first-ever video to cross one billion views of YouTube was South Korean rapper Psy's 'Gangnam Style' in 2012. It was followed by Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in 2015. The other well liked artists who are a part of YouTube's billion views club include BTS, BLACKPINK, J Balvin, Adele, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Guns N' Roses and Ed Sheeran.
Since then, over 200 music videos have surpassed one billion views mark on YouTube. Baby Shark is latest the video with highest views on YouTube. The video surpassed 7 billion views on October 29, 2020 and overtook Despacito to become the most viewed video on YouTube on November 2, 2020.

Baby Shark exceed 8 billion views on YouTube on February 23, 2021, becoming the first and just video so far to do so. Despacito is the second most watched video on YouTube with over six billion views, followed by Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' and Psy's 'Gangnam Style'.
YouTube to Honour Billion Views Club Members with Custom Logo

YouTube has declare that it will be honouring its billion views club members with a usage BVC logo designed just for the point to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Psy's Gangnam Style breaking into the billion views club, becoming its creation member.

Six BTS Videos in Billion Views Club

The well liked K-POP Band and two-time Grammy nominees BTS are among the list of artists who will be honoured with the unique usage logo. The band has six videos that have crossed billion views on YouTube involve 'Dynamite, 'MIC Drop', 'Fake Love', 'IDOL' and 'Boy With Luv'.

In fact, Dynamite had become the speedy music video of BTS to reach 1.4 billion views on YouTube in February 2022. BLACKPINK as well as has six videos that cover one billion views on YouTube involve 'AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST', 'How You Like That', 'Kill This Love', 'DDU-DU DDU-DU', 'BOOMBAYAH' and doing video for 'How You Like That'.

Grammy-winning singer Adele's 'Hello' latest holds the record of being the fastest music video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube by carry the feat in 88 days. Despacito, the 2017 song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, is the most look out music video of all time with 7.9 billion views.

YouTube Billion Views Club Members

Dua Lipa ('New Rules')

Billie Eilish ('Bad Guy')

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth ('See You Again') Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars ('Uptown Funk') Katy Perry ('Roar') Guns N' Roses (S'weet Child O' Mine', 'November Rain') Shakira ('Waka Waka') Rick Astley ('Never Gonna Give You Up')
Ed Sheeran ('Shape of You')

COVID vaccine: Corbevax approved as Booster Dose for Adults vaccinated with Covaxin, Covishield


COVID vaccine: Corbevax approved as Booster Dose for Adults vaccinated with Covaxin, Covishield

COVID-19 Vaccine: Union fitness Ministry has accept Biological E's Corbevax vaccine as a defense dose for adult PERSONAL who have been inoculated against COVID-19 using Covaxin and Covishield. The accept for the use of Corbevax as a booster dose against COVID comes as a very significant development as this is the first time that a unlike vaccine has been prescribed as compared to the ones that were in primary use against Coronavirus until now. Adult individuals, more than the age of 18 years, can now opt to get theCorbevax vaccine as the defense dose.  

Govt accept Biological E's Corbevax as precaution dose for adults fully vaccinated with either Covishield or Covaxin, official sources say. This is first time booster dose that is different from one used for primary vaccination against Covid has been allowed in India

— Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) August 10, 2022
Apart from being used as a booster dose, Corbevax is the only vaccine and that has been accept for use in 12 to 14-year-old kinds . As part of the authority ongoing vaccination drive, 6.85 crore doses of Corbevax have already been administered to kids falling in the eligible age category .

Corbevax Booster Dose Approved by NTAGI

The accept for Corbevax as India’s 1st heterologous booster shot came following an extensive review by the National Technical Advisory category on Immunisation (NTAGI). Last month, NTAGI accept the use of  Corbevax based on the data shared by its making Biological E - a Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical and vaccines agency . Corbevax is India’s first indigenously developed Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) protein sub-unit vaccine for COVID-19.  

As per a statement issued by BE, the pharmaceutical firm had furnished all the requisite data for its clinical trialsto the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). The data was totally evaluated by DGCI and its Subject Experts Committee following and that it has been accept  for use as a heterologous COVID-19 booster. The trials were carried out on 416 subjects from 18 to 80 years of age, all of whom had earlier collected two doses of either COVISHIELD or COVAXIN. During the clinical trials, the booster dose of Corbevax showed significant better in the immune reaction and enhanced the safety profile.  

India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in Numbers

As per the data shared by Union fitness Ministry, the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive has crossed the 200 crore mark and latest stands at 207.03 crore (2,07,03,71,204) as per acting reports of today. The vaccination in the age category of 12 to 14-year-olds and that started on 16th March 2022, so far, 3.96 crore (3,96,04,796) adolescents have been vaccine against the virus.  

Friday, August 5, 2022

White Love: 10 Best Milk Recipes | Easy Milk Recipes

 White Love: 10 Best Milk Recipes | Easy Milk Recipes

Milk Recipes- Not just is milk a total meal in itself, it is also such a versatile ingredient which is an intregral part of most of the Indian desserts and even so some delicious curries. recall all those incidents when a as a child you were coaxed and coerced into drinking your glass of milk? What a sense of heroic accomplishment we felt behind gulping down the entire glassful in one go. But then, as well as grew older, we slowly growth a liking towards this not-so-well liked drink, for sot as we came to realize its comfort .

Whether it tops the charts for you or not, milk holds an extremely crucial position in our daily intake. It is full of protein and nutrients that are totally a needed for human growth at all stages of life.

From adding it in our cereals, to churning out restoring fruit shakes and smoothies, the emergent and unavoidable need of milk in our daily food chart has total us to be clever and further push the culinary border to embrace milk in mainstream cooking as well.

1. Kashmiri Paneer

Please everybody at your dinner table by kindness them this real Kashmiri paneer curry. charge with goodness of milk and loads of masalas, this one is a sure shot show stealer!
1lm82rsgCooked in khada masalas, this the Kashmiri paneer recipe spells tasty .

2. Dhaniwal KormaA

unique test with milk and lamb meat to bring you this curry that is sure to spark of wonders on your taste buds. An exquisite, creamy lamb curry full of exotic spices, curd and aromatic saffron infused milk.

3. Spiced Simmered cron

For a laid back weekday evening when you come back from work and open your refrigerator to find just milk and corn. Here is a easy and soothing corn curry, low on masala, light on stomach and large high on taste.

4. Chicken and Milk Stew

Chicken seared to a beautiful golden brown, further cooked in a buttery broth of milk and aromatic herbs. This one will be glide past your senses!
best-milk-recipes-4Lightly seasoned chicken cooked with milk, garlic, herbs and a hint of lemon.

5. Zaffrani PulaoA

meal is incomplete without a little rice! Here is the classic Zafrani Pulao, full on dry fruits with an addition of milk and saffron to render that captivating aroma.
These delectable gems won't leave out any scope for you to feel hungry, still if you are a committed foodie who believes in rounding off every meal with a little something that is sweet, we recommend you to take a stroll down our milky way with our best milk made desserts.

6. Rasmalai

Plate up to these round, little, feather soft cakes bathed in the goodness of milk. This one comes from Marut's Sikka's innovative kitchen.

7. Paneer PayeshA

classic Bengali dessert made of rice, embracing ghee, nuts and truck loads of milk. This payesh recipe is made with mashed paneer.

8. PhirniOne

of the most loved desserts of this nation , local, flavourful, easy and satiating. Let the milk simmer with rice flour, sugar and a miscellany of dry fruits and arrive at this sweet delight! Traditionally served in small earthen bowls known as 'Shikoras', Phirni is one of the most favourite Indian dessert recipes to make on special occasions.

9. Mawa MisriA

delighting treat from the land of warriors! This one is a sweet play of milk and nuts with crystal sugar.
best-milk-recipes-9A traditional Rajasthani dessert.

10. Khichdo

easy yet impressively delicious, this one is sure to satiate your craving. Made of roasted cracked wheat coupled with milk, sugar and nuts- cooked to a sweet perfection.

6 Impressive Health Benefits of Yogurt

 6 Impressive Health Benefits of Yogurt

A bowl of fresh, creamy and homemade yogurt is one of the easy food joys. This wonder dairy product can make for a dish itself with fruits or chopped onions and tomatoes or it can be blended into smoothies, used to add texture to your curries or make your breakfast cereal wholesome. It is very convenient for us pair yogurt with our daily meals but have we ever wondered all over the amazing fitness comfort that we can enjoy by having a bowl of curd or yogurt every day? Yogurt comes from milk and then , it is loaded with several essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. An advantage with yogurt is that it is light on the stomach and easier to digest than milk. If you didn’t know, here are six grand fitness comfort of curd.

Here are some incredible fitness comfort of curd:

1. Good for digestion:

Yogurt or curd is a great probiotic (an ingredient that contains live bacteria). These good and comfort bacteria are known to better gut activity, soothe inflamed digestive method and treat an upset stomach.

2. Stronger immunity:

The live active cultures found in yogurt fight disease-causing germs and keep your gut and intestinal tract safe . A scientific study manage by a team of researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria found that eating a 7-ounce dose of yogurt (about 200 grams) was just as powerful in boosting immunity as popping pills.

3. Beautiful and healthy skin:

Curd has a moisturizing effect on your skin and it heals your dry skin naturally. A lot of public suffer from acne due to making gastrointestinal issue . Curd support in marinating a happy and active gut and that leads to fitness skin. Yogurt is an excellent beauty ingredient for face packs too as it contains lactic acid that acts as an exfoliator and clears off all dead cells and blemishes.

4. Reduces high blood pressure:

A research hand out at the High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA) showed that public who ate more non-fat yogurt were 31 percent less likely to growth high blood pressure than others. The special proteins in yogurt along with nutrients like brine and magnesium help in lowering high blood pressure and promoting a healthy heart.

5. Prevents Vaginal Infections:

Yogurt may be particularly good for women as it helps in cjill the growth of yeast infections. The lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria found in yogurt is known to control the growth of infection in the body and kill the yeast by kills by creating hydrogen peroxide.

6. Good for the bones:

A cup of yogurt (250grams) contains about 275mg of calcium as per the United States Department of Agriculture. A daily dose of calcium not just support in keep up bone density but as well as strengthens them. It is low in fat and calories and thus, may as well as support in keeping your weight in check.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

What to know about cardiovascular disease


What to know about cardiovascular disease

CVD is now the most common cause of deathTrusted Source worldwide. even so , there are many more ways to abate the risk of growth these conditions. There are as well as  many more treatment choice  to hand if do they occur.

The treatment, mark , and prevention of the state that are part of CVD often overlap.

In this article, we look at the distant  types of CVD, their mark and causes, and how to prevent and treat them.


CVD take in many more  distant  types of condition. Some of these might growth at the same time or lead to other state or diseases within the category .

Diseases and conditions that affect the heart include:

  • angina, a type of chest pain that occurs due to decreased blood flow into the heart
  • arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat or heart rhythm
  • congenital heart disease, in and that a issue with heart function or structure is present from birth
  • coronary artery disease, and that affects the arteries that feed the heart muscle 
  • heart attack, or a sudden blockage to the heart’s blood flow and oxygen give 
  • heart failure, wherein the heart cannot contract or relax usually 
  • dilated cardiomyopathy, a type of heart failure, in and that the heart gets larger and cannot pump blood efficiently
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, in and that the heart muscle walls thicken and problems with relaxation of the muscle, blood flow, and electrical instability growth 
  • mitral regurgitation, in and that blood leaks back through the mitral valve of the heart during contractions
  • mitral valve prolapse, in and that part of the mitral valve bulges into the left atrium of the heart while it contracts, causing mitral regurgitation 
  • pulmonary stenosis, in and that a narrowing of the pulmonary artery reduces blood flow from the right ventricle (pumping chamber to the lungs) to the pulmonary artery (blood vessel that carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs)
  • aortic stenosis, a narrowing of the heart valve that can cause blockage to blood flow leaving the heart
  • atrial fibrillation, an irregular rhythm that can increase the risk of stroke
  • rheumatic heart disease, a problem of strep throat that causes inflammation in the heart and and that can affect the function of heart valves
  • radiation heart disease, wherein radiation to the chest can lead to harmful to the heart valves and blood vessels 


Symptoms will be vary depending on the specific state . Some conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or hypertension, may initially cause no mark  at all.

even so , typical mark of an basic cardiovascular issue include:

  • pain or pressure in the chest, and that may indicate angina
  • pain or discomfort in the arms, left shoulder, elbows, jaw, or back
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea and fatigue
  • lightheadedness or dizziness
  • cold sweats

Although these are the most common ones, CVD can cause symptoms anywhere in the body.

Lifestyle tips

People can take the following steps to prevent some of the conditions within CVD:

  • Manage body weight: The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders advise that if a person loses 5–10%Trusted Source of their body weight, they may reduce their risk of developing CVD.

  • Get regular exercise: The American Heart Association (AHA) approval doing 150 minutesTrusted Source of moderate-to-intense physical activity every week.

  • Follow a heart-fitness diet: Eating foods that contain polyunsaturated fats and omega-3, such as oily fish, alongside fruits and vegetables can support heart fitness  and abate the risk of CVD. abate the intake of action food, salt, saturated fat, and added sugar has a similar effect.

  • Quit smoking: Smoking is a key risk factor for almost all forms of CVD. Although quitting can be difficult, taking steps to do so can drastically reduce its damaging effects on the heart.


The treatment option that is best for a person will be depend on their specific type of CVD.

even so , some options include:

  • medication, such as to abate low density lipoprotein cholesterol, better  blood flow, or regulate heart rhythm
  • surgery, such as coronary artery bypass grafting or valve repair or restore surgery
  • cardiac rehabilitation, involve exercise remedy and lifestyle solacing 

Treatment aims to:

  • relieve symptoms
  • reduce the risk of the state or disease recurring or getting worse
  • prevent problem , such as hospital admission, heart failure, stroke, heart attack, or death