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Thursday, October 1, 2020



Gujarat Uni will be able to give all the exams which could not be given offline or online.  Additional examination will now be held in October for the remaining students. All the students who have been able to appear in the online exam will try to take the exam. UGC's instruction for the students.  For online now did a new one in October.  There will be one more annoying student in the coming days like this tomorrow as well.  An announcement in this regard will be forthcoming.  Even after the completion of both the stages of the examination department of the university, if desired, it will be done in additional days.  Students who are currently taking the offline exam online at this additional university in the month of October and the exam will be announced, the official said.  Students who are not online will start the process of re-registration course for the students who were able to appear for the examination in 12 ways in the first phase.  Exam was started from today by Gujarat University.  Therefore, in the next few days, the students of the first phase of the online exam who have taken the online exam will be given an additional exam among the students who have started the technical defect.  Students who have decided to organize one for the MCQ question on the first day are given one hour except for the extra counting students.  In addition will be able to take part in the exam.  Thus, most of the students came online.  Today is the first day of the Corona epidemic, which will be an additional test in October.  The important thing is that some of the 40 students who logged in properly also announced online in the coming days that they could not pass the online exam properly.  Some students will take any of the exams online.  Thus, in addition to the students who could not take the exam this year and could not log off frequently after logging in to Corona, they went offline due to Corona epidemic, offline due to the epidemic and so on.  Could not.  However, most of the students who are not satisfied are forced to take the exam.

GTU's offline - Online exam results will be announced in a week - 8 thousand online and 2200 students offline GTU's offline - Online exam results will be announced in a week.  Can't start.  However, due to participation, the process of early registration for admission to the degree from the diploma has been started.  In which students will be able to do online registration till next 5th Navjot Gujarat Time> Ahmedabad Online and Offline M, both.  The kind of exam was taken.  Master of Engineering i.e. Registrar of Gujarat Technological University KN Kherna M.E.  Therefore, at present, the registration has been started by the University (GTU) as mentioned in the last online exam.  Approximately 3000 students were present in the online and offline phase. At present both the examinations have been completed.  Were.  Against which, in the offline exam, the result will be declared in the next one week only. In the next one week, only 200 students will be declared.  The important thing is that the result will be announced.  These were.  Thus, the combination of both the exams is that, in GTU, a large number of students, depending on the result, completed the examination of about 10 thousand students with diploma degree or more than 30 thousand students and the admission process for ME was done.  The important thing is to give an online exam.  As it is about to start, it is decided that in the first phase, the results of giving offline exams against online will be announced.  The number of students appearing for the exams is only 200. The results have been declared in the last phase by the university, but it is the same.

The government's clear message to the guardians, in the case of fees, we are with the administrators!  Finally, an order has been issued to reduce the fees of private schools in the state by 5%. [Fee dispute in Ahmedabad No other fees can be charged except tuition fees: Apart from Gujarat Board, CBSE, IB, ICSE, CSE will also be applicable.  There is no guideline on the issue of protection of teachers received by the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister in the fees of private schools. The state government has not taken any decision in the meeting to waive the fees.  50% fee will be paid, it was announced on Wednesday.  Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has clearly instructed the schools not to dismiss the education minister saying that the school has come.  The government has requested for payment of teachers' salaries and fees.  He also said that any school in the state will be able to take this only 20% fee, i.e. for the whole year.  Transportation - Library announces guidelines for transportation, dismissal of teachers, commuter sports, entertainment, berry, commuter, sports and entertainment in other areas of the year  No action has been taken against the administrators, which includes a fee that parents can take from any other fee schools.  No.  This decision will not be able to take any other fee in the state.  He has to pay by October 31.  The CBSE, IB, including the Gujarat Board, further added that a look at the main excerpts of the government's announcement by parents about the 21 fees would apply to all their private schools, including ICSE and CSE, by October.  On the other hand, the fee should be 50%.  > 3% fee relief implemented CBSE - ICSE, IB> Parents who have already paid the full fee to the parents of the parents to demand 50% fee waiver, the Education Minister also said that all schools, including fees.  The difference will be compensated.  Has remained the same.  As a result of these various reliefs in the state, private school transportation-library commuter sports entertainment parents have been asked to pay 50 per cent fee by October 31. Parents in the cities have also protested against the issue, saying that teachers should not be fired or any other fee including salary.  Complaints of non-receipt are apparently in line with the government's expectation that the state government should not dismiss any teacher who has applied for a fee increase in the FRC> teachers and their salaries or any decision should be enforced.  Sending a clear message to the parents of private schools not to dismiss teachers across the state and giving clear instructions to the administrators, the state president of Gujarat Congress announced on Wednesday evening that, regarding fees.  Given that, as far as private schools are concerned.  The Education Minister has demanded a waiver of session fees by the Opposition Congress in protest of the government's decision to fix the Collectorate fees on October 2 in the state. There will be a picket in October demanding 100 per cent fee waiver.  Responding to the government's assertion that the first semester fee waiver has come from the school administrators, he said, "We have to stay on the sidelines."  And how much fee any Congress-ruled state can buy a plane worth Rs 500 crore for Congress in 100 states but reduce it to give relief to the guardians, the administrators will say and the government does not have the money even if the percentage fee is waived.  An example of this is the Congress signaling that it will form a government until the fee for one session is waived.  The protest will be a protest movement.

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