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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test  

Puzzle Questions :-


 Friends, IAS interview questions are at all time in the discussion. It is said that any question can be asked from the participate in the UPSC exam. participate  break a sweat to pass this exam. So we are showing you some such fun UPSC questions and its reply . UPSC is considered to be a very difficult exam due to and that freshman work hard day and night. In UPSC, not only knowledge but as well as personality is examined. freshman preparing for UPSC can get an idea from these questions on how the reply to a seemingly     common question is just as uncommon . Stay Connected With 

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Puzzle Answer :-

 Answer :
Thnk that you are travelling with 10 rider in A bus . So initially you are 10 + 1(you) passengers in the bus.  

Now in 1st stand two rider  are left and 4 comes in the bus.
Show the rider  in the bus behind  first stand is  11-2+4=13.

Now on second stand. five left the bus and 2 passengers comes into comes in the bus. The passengers in the bus behind   second stand is 13 - 5 + 2=10  

Now in third stand 2 rider  left the bus and 3comes in the bus. Now rider  in the bus behind  third stand is  10-2+3=11. 

So the answer is 11 rider  left in the bus is 11

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