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Friday, January 15, 2021



1 Arrival of European people in India At the next level we learned that years ago our country was at the forefront of the world.  Our country had a unique significance in the world.  People from home and abroad were being influenced by our prosperity and culture.  

Many people in the world were eager to trade and make money in our country.  However, even before this, foreign traders used to come and trade here by land from the northwestern border.  Arab traders traded by land for years;  But when the Turks conquered Constantinople, the situation changed and land trade came to a standstill, increasing the demand for Indian goods such as silk, cotton, muslin, pepper, spices, etc. in European countries.  To take advantage of these conditions, most of the European countries implemented plans to find waterways to reach India.  

Thoughts 0 If India comes from Europe, where to pass where to pass? Where to come to India from Portugal, where is the sea - Where to pass? What route is more used if going abroad today? Over time, the adventurous San Kanakhdu of European countries started to find the waterway to India.

 Christopher Columbus: India was a famous Columbus in many entrepreneurs in many entrepreneurs. He believes that going to the east can go from the west side. Think of what would have thought so much. Columbus is India came to India in 1492; But it accidentally went to America. And he believed himself inventors of Hindustan until he lived. Even today, America's source is called 'West Indies' to Red Indian and its shore islands. 

Vasco - D - Gama: The success of the country's residency in the country's resident of Portugal, who has successful success in finding India. His ship south of African Cape - Off - Goodhop moving circling, reaching the Hindi Ocean in the Hindi Ocean with Hindi Ocean with Hindi Ocean, who reached the Hindi Ocean, on the east coast of Africa. At that time the king of Calicut was Zamorin. He allowed these Portuguese people to trade. 

The year In 1502, the Portuguese is established in Koffi to trade in Kali; The castle named Ambuquerk around him is a guard. Asbukerk moved forward to north. Goa won in 1506. In a hundred years, Portuguese can bring to their control of Manglore, Kochi, Lanka, lav, Goa and Mumbai. 

The end of the Portuguese powers: Portuguese trade began to grow towards Bengal at the beginning of the seventeenth century. At this time, the Mughal Emperor Shahjah was on Delhi cushion. In Bengal, his successes complained to Shahjah against Vasco - De - Gamma's behavior in 1.3 Zamorin's court in Portuguese. As a result, his Hooghi's brothers broke and burned the ships. Thus, Portuguese | Power ended and the power of the Portuguese is only limited to lav, Daman and Goa.



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