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Friday, September 9, 2022

Power Tiller SahayYojana 2022 Ikhedut Portal | પાવર ટિલર સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

   Power Tiller SahayYojana 2022 Ikhedut Portal | પાવર ટિલર સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

Hello farmer friends, if you want to get farmer help and have come to read this help then you have come to right and accurate place. Here we get all details  all over  Tiller Sahay Yojana 2022 Ikhedut Portal .

Dear farmer friends, after reading this power tiller plan of today you will get complete information about this plan. Like where to apply , how to do it and where to attach documents etc. Then we will be know the details  all over  this projects .

So many different schemes have been implemented on the Gujarat government's ikhedut portal . Farmers are taking advantage of them. So let's get detailed information about this scheme.

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Power Tiller Sahay Yojana 2022 ikhedut Portal

In this projects  by the Gujarat State Agriculture Department, the farmers of the state are supply  a very large amount of subsidy on purchasing power tillers. In which if the beneficiary wants to get the benefit of this “ Power Tiller Sahay Yojana 2022 Ikhedut Portal ” more than 80 BHP and less than 80 BHP power tiller then they have to go to Ikhedut Portal and apply online.

Power Tiller Sahay Yojana Benefits

Under this scheme, farmers of Gujarat state are given subsidy on buying power tiller. In which they are given benefits if they buy power tiller of more than 80 BHP or if they buy power tiller of less than 80 BHP. Full information   of assistance supply  are given under . 

  1. SMAM
  2. AGR 2(FM)
  3. AGR 3(FM)
  4. AGR 4(FM)
  5. Power tiller assistance scheme for tribal farmers

Power Tiller Sahay Yojana 2022 Eligibility

Through this projects  run by the Gujarat State Agriculture Department , farmers can switch to modern farming methods and get more production. Farmers who have the following eligibility criteria can apply for this projects  .    

  • The farmer beneficiary should be a native of Gujarat state .
  • Farmer beneficiaries should be small marginal and large land holders.
  • The farmer beneficiary should have own land .
  • Farmer beneficiaries should have 7/12 and 8/a copy of their land.
  • Farmers in tribal areas should have Tribal Land One Right document .
  • The farmer-receiver   is demand  to purchase the power tiller from the making  involve  in the empanelment of the component or from the making  authorized dealer to buyer  the power tiller.  

Documents Required For Power Tiller Sahay Yojana Gujarat- Aadhaar Evidence

To avail the comfort  of this projects , the farmer receiver  has to submit all the following supporting evidences . 

  • Aadhaar card with the receiver  .
  • Beneficiary's caste certificate (SC, ST and OBC)
  • Copy of ration card of the receiver  .
  • Copy of 7/12 and 8/a of land of receiver  .
  • document  if farmers have booking  of Atma project.
  • document   if farmer receiver  is disabled .
  • details  of farmer receiver  if member of cooperative societies.
  • Information  of farmers if they are members of Milk Producers Co-operative Society.  v  
  • If the farmer is a joint owner, consent form of other owners.
  • Copy of bank passbook of farmer receiver  .
  • Mobile Number of receiver  .  

How To Online Apply Power Tiller Machine Scheme Gujarat 2022

Farmers of the state will be assisted between  this projects   to operate tractor based power tiller machines. The projects  has to be applied online on the ikhedut portal , total  details are supply  under . 

One has to type “ ikhedut ” in the Google search bar . Where the official database  opens to the ikhedut portal.

Go to the homepage and click on the plan menu. behind  clicking on the scheme, you have to go to “ Khitwadi Ni Yojana” at number-1 .

Now behind  going to the top of the agriculture projects , a total of 50 projects  for the year 2022-23 will be shown there.

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