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Friday, September 23, 2022

Why too much coffee can hamper your performance at work

 Why too much coffee can hamper your performance at work

It's easy to understand why people love to have coffee. It helps numerous to concentrate and concentrate but too important coffee can have negative goods on your body and can hinder your work. 
 Then are the dangerous goods of having too much of coffee. 


 Drinking too important coffee has numerous side goods but most popular among them is anxiety. You can not dent the fact that you don't get anxious because it involves simple wisdom. When you drink huge quantum of coffee, your blood pressure gets advanced. This is why numerous people feel the rush in their body and suppose it's energy. This increase in the inflow of blood pressure is bad for the health as it stimulates your mind for no reason at all and hence creates anxiety. There are numerous who likes to feel that thing but a wise person should choose to stay down from it. Imagine yourself at your plant getting ready for a donation. Given the anxious you have at that time, would you like to add further anxiety to it? Coffee does that and it sort of hampers the performance. 
 The caffeine riddle 

People generally talk about how coffee provides them the energy to work and how it keeps them awake at night. The statement is true as coffee does help in keeping a person awake and the effect lasts for a significant period of time. still, have you consider the fact that waking up your body strongly despite it asking for the rest could have some severe side goods? The caffeine you input makes your body energetic strongly. It makes your heart run briskly and increase the inflow of blood in the body. still, it's dangerous for yourself and it can affect in an increase in the blood pressure, digestive issues, irregular sleeping pattern and most common of them all, frazzle. It's because caffeine incontinently makes you feel energetic but also it suddenly crashes your body and makes you more tired than ever. 

 still, also stay for this one, If you suppose the over mentioned hazards of coffee aren't enough. Coffee is addicting and it can make you crave for it. The dependence of any kind isn't good for the mortal body but people substantially suppose that only alcohol dependence is bad for them. still, the fact is, you can get addicted to caffeine the way people get addicted to alcohol. This could make your performance at work weak because all you'll suppose about having coffee after a while which could really hinder your performance.

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