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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Are you fond of wearing colorful contact lenses? So don't ignore these safety tips

 Are you fond of wearing colorful contact lenses? So don't ignore these safety tips

Colored contact lenses can enhance the beauty of your eyes, but carelessness in using them can also harm your eyes.

The trend and fashion of giving newness to your look by experimenting with eye colors is in full swing. It is also very easy to do this with the help of contact lenses. Where earlier lenses were used only to get rid of glasses, now it has become a fashion trend. But the question definitely arises whether the use of contact lenses is safe or not? Let us know what is the right way to use contact lenses and how they affect the health of your eyes.

With the increase in heat, the problems related to eyes also increase. In such a situation, any artificial thing can harm them. Then even if they are contact lenses. To know more about this in detail, we spoke to Professor Nandita, HOD, Department of Ophthalmology, Institute of Medical Sciences.

According to Professor Nandita, prolonged use of contact lenses can harm your eyes. In addition, it can also lead to a lack of oxygen in the eyes. When contact lenses are used, it covers the entire cornea. Due to which oxygen does not reach your eyes. Wearing contact lenses for a long time causes strain on the eyes as well as oxygen does not reach them properly.

These side effects can happen to your eyes if you wear contact lenses for a long time 

1 . Dry eye

The use of contact lenses increases the problem of dryness in the eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes become red and itchy. Due to which the cornea gets burnt. Contact lenses bring tears to the eyes to relieve their dryness. Continuous tearing in the eyes makes your eyes more dry. To avoid this problem, you should use contact lenses at least or take breaks in between. Also use eye drops.

2 . Allergy and eye infection

If you wear a lot of contact lenses, then after some time you may have problems with allergies and eye infections. The reason behind the infection is corneal abrasion. If your eyes are dry or if the contact lenses don't fit snugly to the surface of your eyes, this can lead to corneal abrasion. Due to which many types of infections can occur in the eyes.

Not only this, since you are using lenses to change your look, it is possible that particles of your makeup may get into your eyes. Together with contact lenses, they can cause infection.

3.  Eye pain

Most people complain of eye pain after using contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for too long can reduce the supply of oxygen to your eyes. As a result, your eyes start to ache or you may have blurred vision. Sometimes people lose their eyesight.

also remember 

Prof Nandita says, “If you are fond of wearing colorful lenses, then keep in mind that you keep your eyes closed after taking them off at regular intervals. So that the eyes can get rest. Use only lens cleaning solution to clean the lens properly. Using regular eye-drops will keep your eyes from getting dry. In this way, through the lens, your eyes will not only look beautiful, but will also be safe.

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